In light of the government shutdown, Democrats and their fellow travelers in the mainstream media have cast Republicans as villains.

President Obama has called Republicans “reckless and irresponsible.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid labeled Republicans as “anarchists.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi referred to Republicans as “legislative arsonists.” Other Democrats in Congress weighed in with their own calumnies.

Bend’s Alan Pachtman, in a “My Nickel’s Worth” piece, has one-upped them all. In the same paragraph he accuses Republicans of being “insane” and guilty of “treason.” He goes on to make the ridiculous and unsupportable argument that the government shutdown “creates, in the opinion of virtually every economist, a global financial crisis.”

Were the government shutdown not such a serious matter, Pachtman’s egregious accusations and claims would be laughable. As it is, they illustrate why it is so hard to get anything done in Washington.

The Republican House sent over a series of measures to fund the government, but the Democrat Senate rejected any proposal that would defund or delay Obamacare, and the president refused to negotiate. Instead of discharging their responsibility to govern, the Democrats and their leader in the White House resorted to name calling.

Unfortunately, ad hominem attacks are the frequent resort of those who cannot support their arguments.

Until Democrats and their allies can get over the infantile practice of casting aspersions on those who do not share their views on governance, there is little hope for progress in our nation’s capital.

Terri DeWitt