Make no mistake. The government is shut down because the president and the Democrats want it that way. Now, they can lay guilt on the Republicans, who are trying to do the will of the people while members of the Senate will not admit they are robots obeying their supreme chief — the one who granted illegal concessions to his cronies, special interests and Congress, so they will be exempt from “democare.”

In other words, the ones footing the bill for health care, subject to losing doctors, high insurance, and facing shortages are the ordinary taxpayers.

Apparently, what’s wonderful for the ganders, the geese don’t want.

Well, I pray that the Senate pays the penalty when the stuff hits the fan on this destructive health bill — which admittedly is not yet ready for human consumption. So far, most of the ones pushing it have probably not read it.

I’m thankful for people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and their ilk who care about the people. This shutdown is the work of the Senate, which will not even talk to the other half of Congress. Unbelievable. And the Senate’s name-calling! Good grief.

Further, those who implement this bill (IRS) are those who are targeting conservative groups. Those who gather our personal information are hired off the street with no vetting. God help us.

P.S. Hooray for the vets who stormed the gates to see their memorial on Tuesday — and those who assisted them. It was the only bright spot in the day.

Gail Denham