I have noticed a pattern in some of the “My Nickel’s Worth” letters in recent days, since the infamous government shutdown. “Infuriated with Republicans” and “Don’t let the crazies drown sanity” being two of them. It is amazing to me that anybody can really believe that this situation lies solely on the shoulders of the Republican Party. Might it be the result of both parties playing hardball with each other and millions of citizens are caught in the middle?

And you know, hardball in this situation just might be justified — because you have to stand up for your core beliefs at some point in time. I think that many people feel that we are reaching, or have reached, that point.

Those letters also belie the level of anger and intolerance some people have toward anyone who might not feel the way they do or have a different set of values. There seems to be more and more of that attitude lately.

I personally have no desire to live in a “Nanny State,” when those in government feel that they are so much more intelligent, informed and better equipped to make all of my life decisions for me.

Those are just my beliefs, but I don’t expect others to hold the same, and I can respect their right to differ without being angry or calling them crazy.

Jeffrey Olander