Rap. Funk. Roots-rock. Punk. Reggae. Folk. Jams. Jazz. Even classical.

Fans of all this stuff get pretty regular opportunities to hear it in Bend.

But what of the power-poppers? What about fans of Big Star and Squeeze? What’s out there for disciples of that ’70s post-punk singer-songwriter sound practiced by Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe? Not much, I tell you. Not much.

Which means Red Jacket Mine’s show tonight at Blue Pine is a must-see for those folks. The Seattle band has a new album, “Someone Else’s Cake,” and it’s a glorious exercise in vintage pop music that spills over with earworm melodies. Those melodies are delivered by songwriter and frontman Lincoln Barr, who is from Big Star’s Memphis, which explains the subtle flecks of soul and blues in Red Jacket Mine’s sound.

You can hear all of “Someone Else’s Cake” at www.redjacketmine.net and you can check ’em out live tonight. You’d better. You never know when another one of these opportunities is going to come along.

Red Jacket Mine; 9 tonight; free; Blue Pine Kitchen and Bar, 25 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; www.bluepinebar.com.