Tom Snell

As I read Alan Pachtman’s opinion, I couldn’t help but ask, “How did we get here?”

Pachtman wants to call the action of the Republicans in the House of Representatives treasonous, and he blames them solely for the government shutdown.

In my opinion, they are all to blame for this mess. Let’s start at the top.

Did the president try to negotiate a compromise? No.

He is on the record repeatedly stating that he did not need to compromise and went out of his way to take jabs at the Republicans.

Is this acting presidential?

On the other hand, the Republicans went to the table with a number of offers, that all included something concerning Obamacare. In my opinion, they should let that fight go; as I believe that Obamacare will crush itself to death under its own weight.

Pachtman wants to throw the “treasonous act” out there, as if the Democrats are some kind of sacred cow and have never done anything that could be considered betraying our country.

I have lost count how many things I believe this administration has done which I would count as treasonous; yet I refuse to sink to that level.

I am sure that Pachtman believes everything that Rep. Greg Walden does is pure evil and yet praises the work of every Democrat in this state.

I ask Pachtman, if a Republican president, Senate and House voted in a new health care system without one single Democrat voting for it, would he be in favor of the new health care bill?

If a Republican president told the American people that this was not a tax and then argued in front of the United States Supreme Court that it was a tax, which the court found to be legal, would he be in favor of this new health care bill?

Why is it that so many Americans look at what their party’s stance is on any certain issue and then take that same stance?

We need to start thinking for ourselves and quit playing partisan politics. Those boneheads on Capitol Hill are doing their best to divide and conquer us by pitting us against each other on every issue.

Our media has given a pass to this administration. If this was a Republican administration, it would be screaming out for an impeachment of the president. Instead they have been complicit in every one of his moves, often enabling him. The media is meant to be a part of the “checks and balances” of our system, and if President Obama is ever challenged, it runs to his rescue.

Case in point is Benghazi, civilian wire-tapping, the mess in Syria — I could continue, but I don’t think I need to elaborate.

I myself am a Constitutionalist and believe that President Obama’s plea to help him “fundamentally change America” is not what our Founding Fathers had imagined when they wrote those inspired documents.

I love our Constitution and wish that more people would read it. I really hope that more people read our country’s history and remember that our forefathers, led by George Washington, fought and defeated the greatest army at that time to gain freedom, because they were tired of “taxation without representation.” Sound familiar?