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BAKER CITY — Records show a 14-year-old boy accused of shooting and killing his foster father and another man at a deer camp in northeastern Oregon earlier this month had a history of behavioral problems.

Juvenile authorities in Douglas County placed the boy in foster care with Michael and Carlotta Piete, of Baker City.

Aric Fromdahl, the county’s juvenile department director, said the Pietes were specially trained to deal with the boy’s problems. They were known as “treatment” foster parents.

Records show the boy was referred to juvenile authorities in Douglas County on two counts of criminal mischief when he was 12, but was not prosecuted.

He also was not prosecuted on juvenile counts of assault and physical harassment in Lane County in 2012, records show.

In general terms, Fromdahl said, assault and harassment allegations could stem, for example, from an incident at a treatment center, where the staff is trained to expect violent behavior. After examining all aspects of the situation, he said, the state might decide not to prosecute.