Billy Hardin

The framework of our Constitution was wrought by vigorous debate on how to build a country that respected individuals and protected the rights of small states. Hence the creation of a Senate that gave equal powers to each state and a House of Representatives who reflected the voice of the masses, sharing power for the protection of all. Now we must arm ourselves at the polls to prevent further takeover of government by oligarchy.

America is now in the throes of a revolution, an effort by the oligarchy to overtake constitutional government and even to abrogate Supreme Court rulings. In short, the oligarchy is at our gates, and we have been duped into inviting them in. Under the banner of championing personal freedom and protecting the citizenry from the “savagery of government”: all government is bad; regulations strangle citizens; giveaway programs are taking bread from our own tables, etc. Look carefully where this oligarchical minority has invested its capital.

First and foremost, they have used their financial affluence to influence local, state and federal elections and laws.

The greatest impact on today’s political scene is the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against government’s control, the only power standing in their way. Their propaganda efforts are reminiscent of other national campaigns to promote public acceptance of political aims. Not by telling lies, but rather by selecting the truth that supports their purposes and then presenting it mixed up with some truths the audience wants to hear, either scoffing at or denying inconvenient truths. This propaganda enables them to persuade the duped public to loyally support their bogus aims. Identifying their aims is not difficult; they enrich the rich and make the poorer pay for it.

For examples, go to the ALEC compilation of laws they peddle to every level of government: Google ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council, on the Web. Read the description and criticism such as www

Congressmen actually boast of their membership in ALEC because legislation arrives at their desks all prepared for passage and individual legislators don’t have to do their own work. ALEC is only one of the many groups funded by the super rich such as Koch brothers, Exxon Mobil and AT&T. Their aim is clear and increasingly successful. Increases in wealth over the past decade have benefited the top 10 percent (mainly the top 1 percent) and very little has accrued to the other 90 percent.

The corporate assault on our constitutional government seeks to subvert electoral and judicial processes. Their “tweak-and-pass” directives for legislatures, at all levels, promote shrinking social programs that feed, house and provide care for our young, elderly, poor and other needy citizens.

They want middle and lower economic groups to carry disproportionate tax burdens, preferring to think of themselves as “deserving” to keep profits they have garnered, mainly by shuffling paper assets, assets made possible by those who actually produce goods and services.

The tea party influence now dominating Republicans in the House of Representatives is a good example of the oligarchy’s power. The U.S. found itself held hostage over a political fight about the Affordable Care Act. Who benefits from the law? Not the rich, who have no need of insurance; it’s the commoner 98 percent bearing heavy insurance obligations, or without care, many of whom are bankrupted by failing health and loss of insurance.

Who has whipped voters into a frenzy of fear and hate of “Obamacare”? Where does the disinformation originate, and where does the mega-financing come from? ALEC, and its many cohorts fueling the oligarch’s thirst for power!