It is a tremendous opportunity to be able to select the best possible location for OSU-Cascades to ensure the greatest potential for the students, the university and the region. For tactical reasons, the chosen location is a poor one, requiring commutes through already established and already congested parts of Bend. Commuting time and distance add to the costs of an education, waste valuable time and add to levels of air pollution. Global warming is a developing disaster, which should not only be taught in the university classroom. But here’s the opportunity to minimize a contributing source.

Location in the Juniper Ridge region, close to the parkway, makes more sense. It will minimize travel distance and cost for all regional students, is closer to the airport and infrastructure for sewage treatment. Developing a connector through a relatively undeveloped area would be less disruptive and less costly. Snowfall in Juniper Ridge is lower, resulting in less snow removal. And the terrain is less hilly, making for both better pedestrian and vehicle mobility.

Having the university adjacent to research facilities will be an important draw as a source of part-time student trainees, as well as continuing education for permanent employees, all within walking distance.

Best wishes for OSU-Cascades.

Paul Sunset