Condos, homes planned in Bend

Three projects totaling hundreds of homes possible south of Reed Market

By Elon Glucklich / The Bulletin / @EGlucklich

Published Nov 3, 2013 at 04:00AM

Three separate development proposals could add more than 400 homes and an elementary school to Bend's south side.

The projects, all in the early planning stages, could transform the area south of Reed Market Road between, roughly, Brosterhous Road and American Lane.

Hoviss Development of Vancouver, Wash., wants to build 350 homes — a combination of townhomes, condominiums and single-family houses — on Alstrup Road east of Brosterhous, on the former Sun Country Mobile Home Park site.

Earlier this summer, Hoviss filed planning documents with the city of Bend outlining a smaller project of apartment buildings on the property. But the company re-tooled its plan after learning of a development proposal just to the east, on a site that includes the former Bend Trap Club, said Pete Mann, Hoviss' director of construction and land development.

Mann said Hoviss would file a formal application with the city this fall.

The development on the former trap club site would be the largest of the three. A group of investors that includes U.S. Rep. Gary Miller, R-Calif., wants to build homes and a new school on about 90 acres south of Reed Market Road, between Brosterhous Road and American Lane.

No details about the development have been released. However, the city of Bend expects the group to submit a formal application and master plan for the project later this year, said Associate Planner Amy Barry.

Meanwhile, a third developer is considering building a new subdivision on land just south of the Hoviss Development site.

Tucker Mayberry, a Portland-area builder who developed several Bend and Redmond subdivisions before the 2008 real-estate downturn, filed planning documents with the city earlier this month.

Those documents show a plan for 72 single-family home lots on about 15 acres of land where Brosterhous Road curves east. It's mostly vacant, but several homes dot the property.

He met with city planners recently, but said he's in the early planning stages and still needs to address some street connection issues before deciding whether to move ahead.

“I'd love to go through with it,” Mayberry said. “But we need to understand what the challenges (for the property) are ... . We're doing our due diligence.”