Deschutes County property transactions

Deschutes County

• Thomas M. and Mary E. Farruggia to Anne C. and Kyle L. Killingbeck, Partition Plat 2003-75, Parcel 1, $465,000

• Mary H. King, trustee of the Mary H. King Trust, to Donald and Jacqueline Corum, Vista Meadows, Phase 2, Lot 22, $299,000

• Gary Balzarini to Mary H. King, trustee of the Mary H. King Trust, Ridge at Eagle Crest 24, Lot 18, $300,000

• David K. and Dawn Z. Ulrickson, trustees of the Ulrickson Family Trust to David G. McNellis , Partition Plat 1999-33, Parcel 1, $375,000

• Steve E. and Marlys N. Busch to Michael A. and Jeanne M. Green, Ridge at Eagle Crest 32, Lot 132, $210,000

• Anya Petersen-Frey to Barbara A. Gerard, Quail Pine Estates XII, Lot 6, $340,000

• Gary Bell, trustee of the Gary Bell Revocable Trust, to Joshua M. and Marisa C. Wallgren, Yardley Estates, Phase 2, Lot 58, $337,500

• Deutsche Bank National Association, Trustee for GSAA Home Equity Trust, to Jesse L. and Devon J. Carroll, Juniper Glen North, Lot 77, $153,000

• Thomas D. and Sonja Liles to Jason S. and Kelsey G. Adams, West Ridge, Lot 11, Block 5, $200,000

• Tammy S. Argenbright to Randolph E. and Dori K. Delaunay, Village Pointe, Phases 2 and 3, Lot 55, $156,500

• John and Helene L. Lulich to Deborah D. and Richard C. Hibbard, First Addition to Meadow View Estates, Lot 7, Block 2, $410,000

• Mary A. Davis to Julie A. Carlton, Copper Springs States, Phase 2, Lot 24,

• Preston Patterson to Mark J. Khami, Partition Plat 2003-33, Parcel 1, $210,000

• JS Contracting Inc. to Andrew B. and Jared A. Weekly , Parkway Village, Phases 1, 2 and 3, Lot 67, $193,000

• Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Richard J. Fall, Awbrey Woods, Phase 1, Lot 1, $339,950

• Schumacher Construction Inc. to Sally J. Scholl-Brandes, Sherwater Subdivision, Lot 1, $440,000

• Guy A. and Darlene L. Sims, trustees of the Sims Living Trust, to David L. and Barbara K. Brenneman, Ridge at Eagle Crest 27, Lot 66, $320,000

• John L. Howell Jr. to James W. and Jane W. DeProspero, Revised Plat of a Portion of Meadow Village, Lot 6, Block 7, $348,500

• Seana McMann Ash Jollo, trustee of the Living Trust of Patrick W. McMann, to David and Tracee Hendricks, Township 20, Range 10, Section 24, $240,000

• Steven Lippke and Hannah Swanson, now known as Hannah Lippke, to Elisif and Daniel Harro, Gallatin, Phase 1 and 2, Lot 12, $410,000

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