340 SW Century Drive, Bend

Owner: Century Park LLC

Architect: Darren Thomas

General Contractor: Howard S. Wright

A new pizza restaurant, Pacific Pizza & Brew, is under construction on Bend’s west side in the Century Park Shopping Center.

Howard S. Wright, a Portland-based construction company, broke ground July 22 on what will become a 3,761-square-foot building at 340 SW Century Drive.

“Right now, we’re doing excavation,” superintendent Gordon Crews said Friday. “Foundations and underground utilities will be done throughout the month of August, and in September we’ll begin framing the structure.”

Crews said the building will resemble the other Century Park structures with a heavy-timber look. It is scheduled to be completed Feb. 11. A city of Bend building permit valued the project at $769,500.

Restaurateur Jeff Johnson will lease the building from Century Park LLC. Johnson, who’s been in the restaurant business since he was 14, originally wanted to have a Mexican restaurant, but he said that wouldn’t work in the location because of the neighboring Taco del Mar. So, he turned to his kids for inspiration.

“Our kids, they’ll go to a birthday party in the afternoon, and the people there will provide pizza for the kids to eat,” he said. “Bend feeds their children a lot of pizza.”

While there’s a number of pizza places in town, he said, many of them aren’t that accessible for the on-the-go mom or dad.

Johnson said Pacific Pizza will feature community seating and take-out service, with pizza delivered to the car. The restaurant will also serve soups, salads and sandwiches, along with local spirits and beer.

— Rachael Rees, The Bulletin