Deschutes County property transactions

Deschutes County

• Hayden Homes LLC to Nick L. and Karen J. Zollman, Mountain Park, Lot 3, $157,377.50

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Susan F. Mitchell, North Pilot Butte Addition, Lot 30, Block 1, $154,900

• Russell A. Hansen to Chad E. Eaton, Township 17, Range 13, Section 31, $279,900

• Jeffrey M., Janyce A. and Troy L. Prine to Robert and Elizabeth McCullar, Craftsman Creek, Lot 12, $177,500

• Mary R. Dobson to Giorgio A. and Hope Roccasalva, Lazy River West, Lot 33. Block 5, $265,000

• C. Diann Gentis to Tony M. and Celia E. Walker, Cascade View Allotment, Lot C, $355,000

• Sharon Owen, trustee of the Sharon Owen Revocable Trust, to Gary S. and Penny V. Gordon, Township 21, Range 10, Section 28, $249,900

• Northwest Rivers Investments LLC to Michael G. and Shawn D. Poe, Savannah Estates, Phase 3, Lot 14, $243,900

• Donald L. and Edna L. Ringen, trustees of the Ringen Family 1992 Trust, to Jolanta A. Bokums, trustee of the V & J Bokums Revocable Living Trust, Matson Park, Lot 3, Block 4, $947,670

• Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Ruby V. Guardia and Seth L. Mills, Stonegate PUD, Phase 1, Lot 97, $404,400

• Sharon L. Larson, trustee of the Sherry Larson Revocable Living Trust, to Chester Jack and Jareda L. Webb, Wild River, Phase 3, Lot 15, Block 7, $154,000

• Dexter D. and Marilyn J. Rammage to Karen Kristine Rees, Canyon Rim Village, Phase 2, Lot 43, $294,900

• Herman Properties LLC to Steven L. and Kristin D. Blondeau, Aspen Rim, Lot 144, $439,000

• SP Canyon LLC to Robert M. Turner to Partition Plat 2014-2, Parcel 1, $285,000

• Hayden Homes LLC to Gregory L. and Jean L. Congleton, trustees of the Gregory L. Congleton and Jean L. Congleton Revocable Family Trust, Obsidian Ridge, Phases 1-2, Lot 13, $187,637

• West Tricopro LLC to Steve and Rachel Ware, Village Pointe, Phases 2-3, Lot 62, $199,000

• Association of Unit Owners of the Inn of the Seventh Mountain to Worldmark the Club, The Inn of the Seventh Mountain, Phases 2B and 2C, Units RL419 and RL614, $160,000

• Charles J. and Kristin E. Pearson to Kathleen Gordon, Top of Old Bend, Phase 2, Lots 2-3, $371,000

• Dennis W. and Anita R. Rose, trustees of the Dennis E. and Anita R. Rose Joint Revocable Living Trust, to Sing-Wei Ho and Nathan C. Wismer, Township 16, Range 12, Section 17, $565,000

• Travis Heitstumen and Whitney Heitstuman to Michael A. Teitgen, Desert Skies, Phases 1-2, Lot 18, $318,000

• Hayden Homes LLC to Ansuya and Jeewan S. Negi, Megan Park, Phase 1, Lot 17, $227,953

• Brian G. and Janet M. Lamson, James R. Bryan and Caroline Lamson Bryan, to Shawn and Sara Justice, Mountain Village East 4, Lot 11, Block 26, $310,000

• Monte L. and Kathleen S. Stoughton to James T. Massey and Leslee J. Bangs, Creek View Cottages, Lot 1, $257,500

• Edward K. and Evelyn Chernoff to Gilbert B. and Cheryl A. Loomis, Rivers Edge Village, Phase 6, Lot 51, $775,000

• Ronald C. Hankinson and Susan M. Duncan to Donald R. Wilder, Holliday Park, Third Addition, Phase 1, Lot 4, $245,000

• Mathew R. and Tahnee A. Hayden to Terry A. Vollertsen, trustee of the Vollertsen Living Trust, Hayden View, Phase 2, Lots 75 and 56, $194,424

• Robert A. and Momikai E. Dean, trustees of the Robert and Momi Dean Joint Trust, to Lee B. and Bridget T. Murdock, Sundance East, Phase 2, Lots 20-21, Block 1, $425,000

• Christi Stinebiser, trustee of the Christi Stinebiser Trust, to Steven S. and Maja E. Gudgel, Starwood, Lot 20, Block 10, $219,000

• Steve and Kerry Calverley to Peter J. and Barbara Stoefen, Aspen Heights, Phase 1, Lots 2, 13-14, Block 3, $198,825

• Connie Briese, who acquired title as Connie D. Eves, to John D. and Clarie E. McClafferty, Deschutes River Recreation Homesites, Lot 20, Block 29, $257,500

• CMF Properties LLC to Brian Turner, Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Inc., Lot 40, Block 17, $279,000

• Lawrence M. Jacobs to John B. Kelly, Plat of Bend, Lots 10-11, Block 20, $389,000

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