Deschutes County

Tam T.N. Huynh to Bruce E. and Joyce A. Giampaoli, Tanglewood, Phase 7, Lot 6, $420,000

Clinton S. Triplett and Meredith L. Fiore to Jerry B. Schneider and Anita Francis, First Addition to Bend Park, Lot 9, Block 121, $193,000

Deschutes County Sheriff to Green Tree Servicing LLC and Federal National Mortgage Association, North Pilot Butte Addition, Lot 30, Block 1, $166,365.01

Dennis K. and Jody G. Griffin to Reese J. and Chanelle J. Moody, River Bend Estates, Lot 77, $259,000

Patrice M. Reed to Estelle Johnson, Fairhaven, Phase 2, Lot 4, $155,000

Signature Homes Builders LLC to Cameo Dowell, Millbrook Estates, Lot 18, $266,129

Kenneth V. Olson and Joella K. Nelke-Olson to Brian A. and Tracy A. Oliver, Deer Park 4, Lot 5, Block 22, $570,000

John L. and Marcia A. Stilwell to John W. and Cheryl A. Glick, Courtyard Townhomes at Broken Top, Lot 26, $226,500

Herbert G. and Carole E. Miller to James J. and Elaine P. Fenwick, trustees for the Fenwick Family Trust, Broken Top, Phases 4-A and 4-C, Lot 420, $625,000

Robert W. Moore to Daniel J. and Brenda G. Sallee, Awbrey Butte Homesites, Phase 22, Lot 19, Block 20, $880,000

Jeanette K. Bancroft, trustee for the William L. Bancroft and Jeanette Kay Bancroft Living Trust, to Donald L. and Debora L. Cross, Fairway Point Village 2, Lot 9, Block 10, $400,000

David J. Chung to Darren and Kristen J. Gyford, Paulina Peaks, Phase 2, Lot 35, $225,000

William F. Martson Jr. to Bradford W. Martson, Deschutes River Recreational Homesites, Unit 3, Lot 14, Block 23, $153,453.28

Craig K. and Kimberly S. Ladkin to Dina Bennett and Bernard Gateau, Township 18, Range 12, Section 22, $1,850,000

Walter G. and Reah L. Trest to John W. and Amelia A. Coffey, trustees for the Coffey Living Trust, North Rim on Awbrey Butte, Phase 5, Lot 105, $335,000

SFI Cascade Highlands LLC to William L. and Lisa A. Couey, trustees for the Couey Family Trust, Tetherow, Phase 3, Lot 138, $360,000

Judy Sechrist, personal representative for the Estate of Mary Josephine Sevestre, to Kenneth D. and Margaret Rhodes, trustees for the Kenneth D. and Margaret Rhodes Family Trust, Deschutes River Woods, Lot 29, Block SS, $225,000

Peter Sandgren, trustee for the Sandgren Living Trust, to Bryant S. Green, Park Addition to Bend, Lot 15, Block 18, $415,000

Joe H. and Carol L. Ghaffari, trustees for the Ghaffari Living Trust, to Barbara A. Hamlin, Painted Ridge at Broken Top, Lot 4, $400,000

Maxine DeVoney to Andrew I. Erickson and Kelly L. Flynn, West Hills, Lot 1, Block 6, $395,000

Whittier Properties LLC to Robert L. and Kathleen L. Eberhard, Township 15, Range 13, Section 9, $350,000

Alan and Lori Petrich to Peter H. and Ellen R. Shelton, River Terrace, Lots 15 and 16, Block 2, $315,000

William G. Lawler III, successor trustee for the W.M. G. Lawler and Jeanne P. Lawler Living Trust, to Victor M. and Janet A. Ferro, Willow Creek at Mountain High, Lot 11, $278,000

Steven M. and Sharon K. Miller to Brian Bellew, Marea I, Lot 10, $273,000

Chad and Sarah Aarness to Vernon D. and Marilyn J. Aarness and Chad M. Aarness, Newberry Estates, Phase 1, Lot 3, Block 2, $195,814.61

Evercore Trust Company N.A., solely in its capacity as trustee for the 7-Eleven Inc. Employees Trust, formerly the Southland Employees Trust, to 3J Realty Investments 1 LLC, Highland Addition, Lots 4 and 5, Block 3, $990,000

Mary A. Calderwood, trustee for the Mary Calderwood Separate Property Trust, to Douglas Orloff and James Tuchschmidt, Awbrey Park, Phase 1, Lot 11, $817,500

Weston Investment Co. LLC to Triple Knot Associates LLC, Golf Homes at Tetherow, Lots 13 and 14, $150,000

Bruce J. and Carol L. Brothers, trustees for the Brothers Living Trust, to Katie Thraen, Township 16, Range 12, Section 29, $260,000

Dennis L. Crowell to River Wild LLC, Bend Addition, Lot 12, Block 22, $322,500

Autumn Harrison, heir and devisee of Chris Harrison, deceased, Warren Duffour, Lilio Aragones, Bianca P. Hernandez, individually and as custodian for Efrain Padilla, Carlos G. Padilla, Ryan and Sara Hoppes, Peter and Janet Bonafede, Nina M.F. Vrtiska, trustee of the Nina M.F. Vrtiska Trust, Leading Edge Medical Technologies Inc., Richard and Beverlee Wilkes, Beverly A. West, heir and devisee of James Paulis, deceased, James Paulis Sr., heir and devisee of James Paulis, deceased, Mary Paulis, heir and devisee of James Paulis, deceased, Kerry Moeller, heir and devisee of James Paulis, deceased, Lisa Scheufler, heir and devisee of James Paulis, deceased, Paul and Aimee Karitis, Lee and Julie Rubenstein and Brian Debrie to Richard L. Schrode, Township 17, Range 12, Section 35, $200,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Brian D. and Michelle R. Wheaton, Hillman, Lots 13-20, Block 55, $165,500

Michael and Kristina Spitz to Christopher M. Schmidt, Obsidian Estates, Lot 31, $150,000

Margie L. Dawson to David F. Herr, Ellingers Addition, Lots 1 and 2, Block 11, $550,000

Dennis and Cindy Duff to Jeffrey and Jenna Friesen, Choctaw Village, Tract A, Lot 2, Block 7, $192,500

Norah Brennan to Jonathan J. Schrank, Skyliner Summit at Broken Top, Phase 2, Lot 87, $375,000

Crook County

Ken Johnson, trustee of the Shelley Hudspeth Trust, to Michael D. Stafford, Township 14, Range 16, Sections 27, 28 and 34, $660,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to David R. and Cheryl R. Hanson, Ochoco Pointe P.U.D., Phase 2, Lot 126, $279,950

Max C. and Constance C. Clouse to Paul R. and Heidi R. Freeman, Northridge Subdivision, Lot 15, $210,000

Benjamin B. Groff III, trustee of the Benjamin Barr Groff III Trust, and Mark Stafford to Ironhorse Development LLC, $189,000