Deschutes County

James E. Darrow to Ann Marie Colucci, West Ridge, Lot 1, Block 1, $190,000

Brian L. and Nancy J. Reynolds to Maureen S. and Lonnie Filipek, Revised Plat of Harris Estates, Phase 2, Lot 3, Block 3, $440,000

Lodge Development LLC to Jacoby L. and Alisa L. Allen, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 13, Lot 657, $540,000

Phillip and Carol Dowsett to Blake and Lauren Creagan, Newberry Estates, Phase 2, Lot 23, Block 13, $177,000

Sage Builders LLC to Burton H. and Carol J. Douglass, Ridge at Eagle Crest 18, Lot 18, $472,724

Stephen C. Schrank, trustee for the Stephen Schrank Revocable Trust, to John J. Howell Jr. and Carrie G. Howell, Fairway Point Village 4, Lot 10, Block 18, $920,000

Ryan R. and Heidi B. Chackel to Brian B. Hansen, Estates at Pronghorn, Phase 2, Lot 140, $575,000

Robert D. and Tresa A. Glatz to Robert N. and Nicola C. Sold, Crossroad, First Addition, Lot 34, $310,000

Jeffrey S. Trainor and Michelle M. Elpi-Trainor to Sydney E. Murphy, Canyon Park, Lot 5, Block 4, $180,000

Susan Wente and Brian Goins to Duncan Havlin, Deschutes River Recreation Homesites, Unit 5, Lot 34, Block 25, $206,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Caren J. Barlowe, Eighth Street Cottages, Lot 9, $245,000

Jon Roberts to Brent Hite, Canyon Park, Lot 12, Block 2, $214,500

Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Mika C. and Devin H. Mast, Phoenix Park, Phase 1, Lot 21, $257,000

John W. and Kathleen J. Boston to Mark P. and Mecca E. Kealoha, Fairway Point Village 1, Lot 16, Block 1, $315,000

Alan L. Morse, trustee for the Alan L. Morse 1993 Trust, to Robert L. and Wendy J. Pfister, trustees for the Robert and Wendy Pfister Trust, Skyliner Summit at Broken Top, Phase 11, Lot 268, $185,000

Campanile Investors LLC to Robert G. Barnette and Elizabeth A. Spajic, trustees for the Robert G. Barnette and Elizabeth A. Spajic Family Trust, Golf Course Homesite Section to Black Butte Ranch, Fifth Addition, Lot 102, $625,000

Paul and Katherine Henry to Stephen W. Carlson, Aspen Winds, Phase 2, Lot 25, $220,000

Catherine J. Childress, trustee for the Catherine J. Childress Trust, to Sharon L. Wagner, Timbercreek 2, Phase 4, Lot 81, $485,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Michael S. and Melody Seabold, Newport Landing, Lot 29, $358,725

Jake I. and Darlene M. Sorensen to Jeffrey B. and Karen B. Hotchkiss, Greens at Redmond, Phases 1 and 2, Lot 115, $225,000

Thane C. and Susan I. Moon to Kelley and Mary Jennings, Sandalwood, Phase 1, Lot 12, $385,500

Lynda L. and William Binch, trustees for the Lyons-Binch 1993 Revocable Trust, to Brent L. Hutchison and Laurie E. Craghead, Woodriver Village, Lot 1, Block 6, $176,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Elisa K. Koehler, Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 1, Lot 36, $345,000

Jody N. and Tamara T. Krimstock, trustees for the Krimstock Family Trust, to Philip A. Hoon, Three Pines P.U.D., Phase 6, Lot 49, $550,000

Wesley W. Thomas and Barbara J. Tinker to Todd A. Martyn-Jones, Sun Meadow, No. 3. Lot 62, $265,000

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel to Charles W. and Judith M. Rees, Crossroads, Lot 28, $352,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Robert B. and Rebecca L. Fuller, Aspen Rim, Lot 68, $249,990

Joshua Ferraro to Laurence and Linda Brown, Nottingham Square, Lot 21, Block 6, $185,500

PacWest II LLC to Pensco Trust Company custodian FBO Sammi L. Bedbury IRA, Eagles Landing, Lot 40, $266,980

Rodney J. and Brenda M. Mingus to Hector and Lidia Huffington, 27th Street Addition, Lot 3, $255,000

Glenda Crowell to Federal National Mortgage Association, Choctaw Village, Tract A, Lot 2, Block 7, $170,144.49

Robert J. Wolf, trustee for the Robert H. Wolf Revocable Living Trust, to Kenneth R. Mathers and Kandy K. Gies, Fifth Addition to West Hills, Lot 4, Block 1, $389,900

Lisa J. and Jeremy M. Graham to Jon A. and Dawn M. Roberts, Quail Crossing, Phase 1, Lot 3, $380,000

Barry J. and Rosalind J. Schlegel to Thomas D. and Karen L. Blomstrand, Yardley Estates, Phase 6, Lot 134, $315,000

Kenneth H. Miltenberger to Allan T. Ettinger III and Tara T. Ettinger, Township 17, Range 14, Section 14, $775,000

Brian D. and Shannon L. Stinnett to the Federal National Mortgage Association, Ridge at Eagle Crest 2, Lot 87, $273,373.16

PacWest II LLC to Robert D. and Julie A. Mehl, Orion Greens, Lot 4, $347,964

Steven M. and Tamara A. Menold, trustees for the Menold Family Trust, to Clifford J. and Drema G. Telfer, Ridge at Eagle Crest 21, Lot 49, $400,000

Carleen J. and Jesse E. Always, trustees for the Carleen J. Always Living Trust, to David W. and Catherine J. Childress, Golf Course Estates at Aspen Lakes, Phase 2, Lot 66, $630,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Alysha M. Perez, South Point, Lot 19, $224,973

Brooks Resources Corporation to SD Land LLC, North Rim on Awbrey Butte, Phase 2, Lot 30, $155,000

Brooks Resources Corporation to SD Land LLC, North Rim on Awbrey Butte, Phase 2, Lot 32, $160,000

Andrew I. Erickson to Jonathan J. Beil and Jennifer C. Spiegel, Wiestoria Lots 9 and 10, Lot 39, $335,000

Milton R. Coffelt to Scott D. and Cinda M. Brundidge, Township 18, Range 12, Sections 8 and 9, $204,000

Combined Resources LLC to Ronald E. Thienes, Grandview Addition, Lots 9 and 10, Block 7, Park Addition to Bend, Lot 4, Block 16, $275,000

Gary D. and Amber Lewis to Peter W. Jones, Mountain Peaks, Phase 2, Lot 39, $220,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Bruce and In C. Gwalthney, Emily Estates, Lot 34, $194,990

Alex D. Molnar Jr. and Debra M. Molnar, trustees for the Alex Daniel Molnar Jr. and Debra Marie Molnar Revocable Living Trust, to Ronald Thienes, Silver Ridge P.U.D., Lot 11, $330,000

Richard D. and Signa P. Gibson to Red Pine Properties LLC, View Ridge, Lot 28, $236,000

Donna K. Torcom, trustee for the Donna K. Torcom Revocable Trust, to William L. and Tuesday-Gail McKean, Cinder Butte Estates West, Lot 2, $370,000

PCB-ARC Inc. to Murray Road I LLC, Township 17, Range 12, Section 21, $2,700,000

Jeanne M. Brooks to Debuki Properties LLC, Deschutes, Lot 12, Block 9, $390,000

Brooks Resources Corporation to Timothy J. and Camille S. Connelly, North Rim on Awbrey Butte, Phase 2, Lot 33, $165,000

Virginia Grossnickle to Michael Segoviano, Township 15, Range 13, Section 3, $200,000

Bonnie R. Clayton, trustee for the Ronald W. and Bonnie R. Clayton Revocable Trust, to Jean M. Brooks, Forked Horn Estates, Lot 14, Block 2, $320,000

Clear Choice Properties LLC to Pacific Source, Carpenter, Lots 6 and 8, $17,750,000

JS Contracting Inc. to Lucinda J. Packard and Kristofer G. and Tiare A. Helmstead, Parkway Village, Phases 1-3, Lot 68, $185,000

West Bend Property Company LLC to Taylor Brooks LLC, NorthWest Crossing, Phases 9 and 10, Lot 507, $821,192

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Steven E. and Nancy C. Shein, Eighth Street Cottages, Lot 11, $237,500

John E. and Maureen A. Zelnar to Jonathon Woolley, Oregon Water Wonderland, Unit 2, Lot 24, Block 20, $180,000

Mark and Dale Robertson to Alexander C. and Sara L. Charney-Cohen, Mountain Peaks, Phases 3 and 4, Lot 59, $240,000

Gary L. and Paulene P. Mellema, trustees for the Gary L. Mellema and Paulene P. Mellema Living Trust, to Ricky and Carol McGovern, Quail Pine Estates, Phase 1, Lot 4, $248,000

Judith A. Meyers, trustee for the Meyers Revocable Trust, to John D. and Corinne E. MacPherson, trustees for the John David and Corinne Elizabeth Revocable Trust, First Addition to Bend Park, Lots 12 and 13, Block 108, $272,500

Sundance Land and Livestock Inc. to Cheryl L. Rorabeck, Township 18, Range 13, Section 30, $237,000

Trouble Asset Solutions LLC to Beaver Greens LLC, Parcels 1-8 of The Greens at Redmond, $925,000

PacWest II LLC to Stephen E. and Amy E. Kuper, Angus Acres, Phase 3, Lot 85, $266,830

Michael and Tracy Bennett to Bryan and Angela Azur, Highlands at Broken Top, Phase 2, Lot 28, $625,000

David A. Higham and David J. Fallon to Michael and Suzanne W. Koepf, Hunters Highland at High Pointe, Phases 4 and 5, Lot 78, $228,000

Maurice J. and Judie Clark, trustees for the Clark Living Trust, to Douglas R. and Amy E. Huebner, Hollygrape, Lot 18, $305,000

Daniel B. and Kandace D. Hanks to James and Mandi Defrain, Crest Ridge Estates, Lot 10, Block 1, $295,000

Stone Bridge Homes N.W. LLC to Frank M. and Carol M. Malone, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 19, Lot 796, $755,900

Crook County

Leah Eggers to Richard K. and Judith L. Davis, trustees for The Davis Living Trust, The Highlands Subdivision, Unit 2, Lot 20, Block 3, $275,000

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Prineville Lake Acres, Lot 51, Block 1, $175,674.67

Connie S. Summers, as personal representative for the Estate of James Cole Still, deceased, to Norman L. and June A. McAtee, Green Valley Acres, Unit 2, Lot 27, $305,000

Jeffery E. McShatko, trustee of the Jeffery E. McShatko Trust, to Robert L. and Barbara L. Martin, Prineville Lake Acres, Unit 2, Lot 14, Block 24, $152,500

Edith E. Palin to David N. Snyder, Prineville Lake Acres, Unit 2, Lot 17, Block 18, $177,000

Jack and Joyce Battles to Martin L. and Kristina M. Hollen, Perennial Acres Subdivision, Lot 2, $315,000

Randall C. Arnett to Kenneth C. and Jacqueline McKinster, Brasada Ranch 1, Lot 121, $153,000