Deschutes County

Hayden Homes LLC to Cara L. Pettersen, South Point, Lot 30, $240,000

Dunlap Fine Homes Inc., Bruce N. Davis and William Service to Joshua M. and Nicole R. Curley, Diamond Bar Ranch, Phase 1, Lot 30, $186,900

H&H Investments LLC to Peggy M. Hammond, First Addition to Whispering Pines Estates, Lot 34, Block 2, $275,000

PacWest II LLC to Clarence D. and Rhodora M. Cook, Gardenside P.U.D., Phase 2, Lots 75 and 76, $243,332

Reid M. Barudoni to James C. and Beverly L. Lange, Quail Pine Estates 12, Lot 16, $295,000

Cathryn J. Westbrook and Thamir R. Al-Alusi to Margaret M. Martin, trustee for the Margaret M. Martin Revocable Living Trust, Renaissance at Shevlin Park, Lot 48, $520,000

Matthew J. and Mary M. Phillips to Liesl K. Frasier, Deschutes River Tract, Lot 7, $165,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Sanny T. Wood and Donald E. Thies, South Briar, Lot 7, $165,000

Edwin and Nicola Tattam to Jay G. and Jacquelyn J. Clark, Awbrey Butte Homesites, Phase 19, Lot 44, Block 6, $470,000

Carah Stovall to Mollie A. Chaudet and Curtis D. Juhl, Majestic, Phase 3, Lot 18, $218,000

Powdr Corp. to David M. and Gillian K. Rathbun, Shevlin Ridge, Phase 3, Lot 21, $350,500

Jack E. Nelson and Julia E. Stout-Nelson to Robert and Shelly Dodson, Pine Grove Acres, Lots 5 and 7, $150,000

Teresa Aldrich to Jason M. and Angie K. Higham, Yardley Estates, Phase 1, Lot 19, $320,000

Nichole Brown to Michael P. and Andrea C. Flanagan, Providence, Phase 5, Lot 21, Block 6, $225,000

Anita M. Boyle, trustee for the Anita M. Boyle Revocable Trust, to Eric D. Evans and Cynthia C. Bianchini, trustees for the Evan-Bianchini Revocable Trust, Deschutes River Recreation Homesites, Unit 9, Part 1, Lot 26, Block 41, $325,000

Matthew B. Phillips, who acquired title as Matthew Phillips, and Lisa Phillips to Derek L. Hill, Ponderosa Pines East, Lot 19, $255,000

Sarah J. and Michael A. Holtzclaw, trustees for the Sarah J. Holtzclaw Living Trust and the Michael A. Holtzclaw Living Trust, to Stephen F. Tee Jr. and Danielle K. Morone, trustees for the Tee Family Trust, Miller Heights, Phase 2, Lot 54, $749,900

Lost Creek Investment LLC to Uriah and Brieann Dombrowski, Pines at Pilot Butte, Phases 3 and 4, Lot 20, $280,165.40

Justin and Amber Wood to Beth L. and Jeremy G. Guy, Wishing Well, Phase 5, Lot 3, $210,000

Michael J. Mortensen to Jennifer Mickelson, Stonehedge on Rim, Phase 3, Lot 15, $217,000

Wolfbuild LLC to Jerry L. and Joanne M. Morris, Township 15, Range 13, Sections 20 and 21, $189,900