Deschutes County

Curtis S. Swanson to Richard L. and Jelinda S. Carpenter, trustees for the Richard L. Carpenter Revocable Living Trust, Partition Plat 1994-46, Parcel 1, $1,550,000

Micheale Giesler to Lisa N. Bertalan, West Bend Village, Phase 1, Lot 19, $200,000

Patricia E. Vittum to Kathleen C. Neilson, Eagles Landing, Lot 1, $247,000

Robert C. Shaw and Ginger Durdan-Shaw, trustees for the Roginbertger Revocable Trust, to Glenn and Jennifer Cole, trustees for the Cole Family Trust, Indian Ford Meadows, Lot 6, Block 6, $1,475,000

Stephan M. and Kathleen K. Jones to Joshua A. and Tanya L. Hayden, Partition Plat 2004-96, Parcel 1, $470,000

David N. Telfer to Trevor W. and Sarah C. Gilbert, Carly Meadows, Phase 1, Lot 4, $155,000

West Bend Property Company LLC to Stone Bridge Homes N.W. LLC, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 18, Lot 645, $182,000

Oregon Community Foundation, trustee for the William and Joyce Briggs Charitable Remainder Unitrust, to Julie A.T. Floyd, Partition Plat 2003-19, Parcel 2, $182,500

Taj M.M. and Mirta K. Smith to Roquel L. Herman and Rachel I. Bailey, Forrest Commons, Lot 15, $201,800

Metlife Home Loans LLC, a division of Metlife Bank N.A., to Courtney Holton, Golden Butte, Phase 3, Lot 61, $325,805

Christopher J. Kemper to Rick R. and Terri S. Pedigo, Crosswater, Phases 1 and 2, Lot 40, $165,000

Steven J. and Amy R. Stancliff to William B. Miller, Forrest Commons, Lot 17, $202,000

William M. and Candace K. Foxhoven, trustee for the William M. and Candace K. Foxhoven Revocable Living Trust, to Bonnie W. Edenfield, Westside Meadows, Lot 8, $330,000

Ronald K. and Cheryl D. Fuller to Cynthia L. Clark, Foxborough, Phase 2, Lot 98, $199,000

Jamie Stanley Custom Homes LLC to Terry A. and Pamela Perrine, Newberry Estate, Phase 2, Lot 1, Block 12, $169,900

Dennis C. Griston to Custom Estates LLC, Homestead, Phase 4, Lot 1, Block 10, $235,000

Jess Lete to Jada and Jay Taber, Yardley Estates, Phase 1, Lot 35, $196,500

Jason M. and Mandy L. Gritzner to Tracy L. Kohl, River Canyon Estates No. 2, Lot 159, $369,000

Leila Lovdale to Sandra R. and Michael A. Gianotti, Bridge Creek Village at Broken Top, Lot 20, $335,000

Kenneth A. and Judith A. Wullenwaber to Gary R. Black Sr. and Janet L. Black, trustees for the Gary R. Black Sr. and Janet L. Black Joint Revocable Living Trust, Ponderosa Pines, Third Addition, Lot 14, Block 6, $218,000

Christian and Christen B. Gladu to Timothy J. and Meghan K. Reardon, Valhalla Heights, Phase 7, Lot 8, $619,000

Riki S. Court to Luis Elenes, Partition Plat 2009-1, Parcel 1, $356,000

Stacie A. and Daniel Matthew to Sheila D. Walker, trustee for the Sheila D. Walker Trust, Brentwood, Lot 13, $262,000

Evan A. Crane to Joshua and Riki Court, La Casa Mia, Lot 6, Block 4, $233,250

Kourosh and Karin Mohtadi, Patrick W. Tester and Donna Launey to Kevin P. and Jean K. Callahan, River Village 3, Lot 35, Block 20, $580,000

Ben and Lisa Husaby to Paul M. Maier and Maureen F. McCaffrey, Heights of Bend, Phase 2, Lot 58, $445,000

Tylor L. Mitchell and Russel and Margaret Nunnelly to Chad W. Cox, Eaglenest, Phase 2, Lot 36, $170,000

Randall R. and Pamela J. Kerr to Carolyn Stewart, Wildflower, Lot 27, $235,000

Parrline Q. Norton to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Westwood Acres, Section 1, Lot 5, Block 1, $309,138.67

Bryan K. Johnson to Joshua Blessing and Tina Morris, Tanager Village, Lot 24, $203,000

Mary K. Gullette to Thomas P. and Angie M. Secolo, Northwest Townsite COS, Second Addition to Bend, Lot 5, Block 43, $255,000

Matt Ward to Stephen A. and Peggy L. Chapman, trustees for the Stephen and Peggy Chapman Trust, Alberello at Sunriver, Lot 25, $300,000

Res-Or Two LLC to Wood Hill Homes Inc., Ironstone, Lots 1-12, $357,391.20

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to David and Ailsa A. Winter, Shevlin Ridge, Phase 3, Lot 35, $685,000

Kelly J. and Shantel L. Witt to Justin J. Clark and Christy L. Radke, Deschutes River Woods, Lot 11, Block Z, $255,000

Hilary W. Craig, trustee for the Hilary W. Craig Revocable Trust, to Benjamin N. and Lisa A. Husaby, Township 17, Range 11, Section 11, $600,000

William A. Beutler, trustee for the William A. Beutler and Marcell Ann Beutler Revocable Living Trust, to Keith A. and Sandra Beutler, Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 1, Lot 15, $364,000

Darrell K. and Sherry D. Aaby to Robin F. and Bruce R. Gaudette, Crooked River Ranch No. 5, Lot 15, $392,999

Christine S. Palmer to Paula K. Surmann, Aspenwood, Lot 3, $180,000

Julie A. Lowes to Kelly Young, trustee for the Kelly Young Trust, Awbrey Village, Phase 1, Lot 54, $465,000

Muriel K. Lewis to William S. Ibenthal and Beth E. Evans, trustees for the William S. Ibenthal and Beth E. Evans Revocable Trust, Mountain View Park, Phase 2, Lot 67, $200,000

Dollinda S. Taylor, trustee for the Dollinda S. Taylor Living Trust, to Jeffrey J. and Margaret M. Fackler, Township 15, Range 11, Section 6, $850,000

Judith M. Burbank, Mary Y. Bickers and Beverly D. Madieros, who acquired title as Beverly D. Stutz, to Tom L. Edwards Sr. and Cheryl A. Edwards, Township 15, Range 11, Section 17, $150,000

Eugene S. Carsey Jr., personal representative of the Estate of Alta Irene Carsey, to Jason A. Mendell, Center Addition to Bend, Lots 6-8, Block 47, $150,000

Gary D. and Jo Ann Mitchell to David J. and Tami L. McKinney, trustees for the David and Tami McKinney Revocable Living Trust, Cascade View Estates, Phase 8, Lot 274, $485,000

William D. and Mary F. Raff to Curtis L. Marshall and Eddie W. Kelly, Summer Creek, Phase 1, Lot 8, $173,000

Anita S. Elsey to Robin A. and Kay K. Bithell, trustees for the Bithell Trust, Hollow Pine Estates, Phase 1, Lot 13, $346,000

Randall R. and Christina L. Reid to Hilary W. Craig, trustee for the Hilary W. Craig Revocable Trust, Partition Plat 2008-32, Parcel 2, $525,000

Mary M. Law, who acquired title as Mary M. Adsit, to Further 2 Development LLC, Barton Crossing, Phase 1, Lot 1, $220,000

Further 2 Development LLC to Mary M. Law and Kelsie L. Daubenschmidt-Bixler, Barton Crossing, Phase 1, Lot 1, $250,000

Tetherow Glen 58 LLC to Robert W. Livingston II and Jean W. Livingston, Tetherow, Phase 2, Lot 9, $260,000

Kelsi Erkkila to Dewey W. and Lili E. Hess, Brookswood Estates, Lot 8, $232,500

Earl S. and Patricia A. Klingensmith, trustees for the Klingensmith Family Trust, to Harvey G. and Dorothy K. Knuth, Copperstone, Phases 2 and 3, Lot 15, $375,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to John H. and Caren L. Burton, McCall Landing, Phase 1, Lot 28, $229,900

Davidson Trust Co. and Gene d’Autremont, trustees for the Borneman Family Trust, to Kenneth A. and Linda N. Hadlock, Vista del Sol, Lot 5, Block 1, $405,000

VRE Crescent LLC to Douglas A. and Natalie E. Vandenborn, Tetherow, Phase 1, Lot 295, $210,000

Jeffrey L. Payne, doing business as Panterra Homes, to Kayla Carol, Pettigrew Highlands, Lot 10, $274,289.50

Jason D. and Connie L. Neel to Lucas Treihaft, Diamond Bar Ranch, Phase 2, Lot 71, $152,000

Mark L. Gabler and Terry L. Metcalf, who acquired title as Terry L. Young, to Simon C. and Claire E. Johnson, Awbrey Butte Homesites, Phase 25, Lot 64, Block 18, $600,000

Linda M. Addington, who acquired title as Linda M. Schaub, to Theresa Wang and Ryan McAdler, Chestnut Park, Phase 2, Lot 58, $221,500

Kimberly H. Wyman to Kimberly A. Like, McCall Landing, Phase 1, Lot 1, $194,987

Dee A. Newton to Jeffrey D. and Vicki M. Hanson, Township 17, Range 13, Section 33, $339,900

Crook County

Marcia L. Helmken, trustee for the Marcia L. Helmken Revocable Living Trust, who acquired title as the Marcia L. Helmken Revocable Living Trust, to Gary E. and Crystal S. Madison, High Desert Estates Subdivision, Phase 4, Lot 120, $280,000

Larry Knutz to Jeffery J. Puskas and Donna L. Stubbs-Puskas, Township 16, Range ,14 Section 8, $750,000

Lee Investments Inc. to Jeffrey S. Jones and Myfanwy J. Weller-Jones, Brasada Ranch, Lot 29, $525,000

James E. Alley and Carole Anne Alley, who acquired title as Carol A. Alley, to Lance G. and Kate D. Queen, Steelhammer Ranch, Lot 44, $240,000

Patrick L. and Carla K. Fouste to Robert B. and Amanda I. Abell, Partition Plat 1998-30, Parcel 1, $195,000