Deschutes County

Old Town Properties Inc. to Joseph E. Kirby and Amanda Larkin, Alpenview Estates, Phase 1, Lot 17, $186,125

Myron L. Ace II to Shawn L. Varner, Liberty Heights, Lot 12, $212,000

Patricia A. Ackley, trustee for the Dave and Patricia Ackley Revocable Trust, to John R. Palmer, Mountain Village East 3, Lots 8 and 9, Block 18, $567,000

Jay R. and Debra Gilbert to Stephen W. and Michele J. Young, Sharadon, Phases 1 and 3, Lot 18, $299,000

Margie L. Dawson to the Davenport Family Trust, Collins Addition, Block 2, $155,000

Sean C. Gay and Amanda S. Warren to Linda J. and Michael J. O’Bryan, Ridge at Eagle Crest 53, Lot 24, $165,500

Michael R. and Patricia C. Long to Susan E. Rainwater, Township 17, Range, 12 Section 5, $790,000

Signy G. Erickson to Shawn and Kathryn Krist, Township 17, Range 12, Section 11, $315,000

Nancy Kowalski to Steven and Kymme K. McKelvie, Lava Ridge, Phase 3, Lot 72, $397,500

Federal National Mortgage Association to Norman K. and Sara G. Evans, trustees for the Norman and Sara Evans Trust 1990, Westbrook Meadows P.U.D., Phase 3, Lot 8, $335,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Philip and Christine Lavik, Awbrey Woods, Phase 2, Lot 20, $285,000

John W. Groth Jr. and Jennifer L. Groth to Louise L. Palmer, Myrtlewood Acres, Lot 2, Block 2, $159,000

John P. Ayres to William R. and Jan Romeis, Ridge at Eagle Crest 17, Lot 1, $370,000

Nancy W. Mills, trustee for the H. Kent Mills Disclaimer Trust, to Peter M. Yonan and Anne M. Scott, also known as Peter Yonan and Anne Scott, Township 18, Range 11, Section 13, $1,200,000

Raul G. Venegas and Araceli C. Guzman to Sam and Francesca Ko, Amber Springs, Lot 1, $176,500

Carl and Jewel Phipps to Jacqueline A. Ralph, Rose Terrace, Lot 27, $285,000

Hublar Properties LLC to Paul K. and Donna Y. Mowry, trustees for the Mowry Family Trust, Hampton Park, Subdivision, Phase 1, Lot 12, $195,000

Sharon Petrie to the Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon, Heritage Ranch, Lot 18, $250,000

Alfred and Jill M. Ainsworth to Richard C. Bacon Sr., Richard C. Bacon III and Lisa Bacon, Aspen Rim No. 2, Lot 168, $325,000

Anla C. Triplett to Judith C. and Danny D. McCabe, Ni-Lah-Sha, Phases 2 and 3, Lot 170, $220,000

Donna L. Farmer, trustee for the Farmer Family Revocable Living Trust, to Paula M. Estep, Ponderosa Pines, Fourth Addition, Lot 7, Block 9, $230,000

Steven D. and Barbara J. Hanson to Helen D. Ayers, Township 22, Range 10, Section 17, $270,000

Holley J. Phillips, who acquired title as Holley Phillips, to Delmar and Dolores Kennel, Township 17, Range 12, Section 5, $188,000

Hugh M. Lindsey Jr. and Connie L. Lindsey, trustees for the Lindsey Family Trust, to Michael J. Maloney, Bella Vista, Lot 6, $189,900

Jan L. Buffa, trustee for the Jan L. Buffa Trust, to James L. Thompson and Janice L. McCarthy, Crosswater, Phase 3, Lot 76, $1,850,000

Peter and Linda L. Fleming to William L. Marre Jr. and Mary C. Marre, Parks at Broken Top, Phase 3, Lot 117, $318,000

Lands Bend Corp., successor by reason of conversion by Lands Bend LLC, to Franklin Brothers LLC, South Deerfield Park, Lot 38, $251,902

Franklin Brothers LLC to Barton and Lynn Klass, South Deerfield Park, Lot 38, $251,902

KC Development Group LLC to Eric M. and Brianna L. Cadwell, Township 17, Range 11, Section 13, $800,000

KC Development Group LLC to Harris and Nancy Kimble, Township 17, Range 11, Section 13, $150,000

Squirrel House Inc. to Cheryl Skinner, Tamarack Park East, Phase 5, Lot 18, Block 7, $179,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Ryan M. Tobias and Kristen L. Robbel-Tobias, Obsidian Ridge, Phases 1 and 2, Lot 17, $234,990

Scott D. and Angela J. Boelman to Ben M. Petersen, High Desert Village, Lot 14, $165,000

Erik M. and Jodie J. Utter to Craig and Angela Russillo, RiverRim P.U.D., Phase 7, Lot 352, $472,450

Anne Slaughter to Mark R. Kimball and Kathleen E. Barnes, Sun Mountain Ranches, Lot 7, Block 10, $220,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Paula M. Hicks, Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 1, Lot 86, $429,950

Fred R. and Jeanne Hunter to Kevin Grove, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 6, Lot 251, $423,000