Deschutes County

Linda M. Roepke to Jeffrey D. Lorence and Ann Lindsay-Lorence, Aubrey Heights, Lots 15 and 16, Block 13, $295,000

Phillip L. and Danielle A. Hebener to Richard E. and Victoria J. Lay, Cline Falls Oasis, Lot 1, Block 1, $270,000

Gorilla Capital WA 6 LLC to Michael, Bruce and Joyce Giampaoli, Copper Springs Estates, Phase 1, Lot 9, $204,000

Gorilla Capital CO 5 LLC to Margreta A. and Ryan J. Cheney, Pheasant Run, Phase 1, Lot 2, $320,000

Agnes Delashmutt and Ambers Thornburgh, trustees of the Trail Crossing Revocable Trust, to Agnes Delashmutt and Ambers Thornburgh, Township 15, Range 12, Section 16, $250,000

Floyd C. Antonsen and Elizabeth Aguilar-Antonsen to Jeremy L. Griffith and Sarah Dinescu, 27th Street Crossing, Lot 5, $255,000

Marian L. Walker to Jerome and Kathryn M. Mercer, Stonehedge on Rim, Phase 2, Lot 20, $162,750

David W. Ruttenberg, trustee for the David W. Ruttenberg Revocable Trust, to John Blodgett, North Rim on Awbrey Butte, Phase 1, Lot 11, $185,000

Stephen D. and Shirley A. Armentrout to David G. and Eveline T. Briedwell, MW Acre Tracts, Lot 7, Block 1, $335,000

Christopher M. Blaylock and Jaimie L. Moore to Karin A. Eklund, trustee for the Karin Eklund Trust, Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 1, Lot 11, $369,000

Richard B. and Susan L. Thompson, trustees for the Thompson Family Trust, to Karen Bohnhoff, Champion Ridge, Phase 5, Lot 62, $445,000

Randell R. and Ruth A.R. Bauman to Don and Karen Tavolacci, Awbrey Village, Phase 2, Lot 10, $565,000

VRE Crescent LLC to Tyson and Quinn F. Keever, Tetherow, Phase 1, Lot 294, $215,000

Gregory R. and Patricia O. Lewis to Brian C. Byrne and Kathleen Baker, Westbrook Village, Phase 2, Lot 10, $256,000

Shea M. Reiner, trustee for the Shea M. Reiner Trust, to Tucker J. Ruberti and Audra M. Philippy, Park Addition to Bend, Lot 4, Block 6, $801,000

Charles W. and Patricia M. Snawder, trustees for the Snawder Joint Trust, to David G. and Ruth S. Nielsen, Ridge at Eagle Crest 39, Lot 71, $590,000

Jennifer Arsenault to Milford N. Wardlaw and Donne L. Morris-Wardlaw, Hillman, Lots 14-19, Lot 174, $225,000

David H. Kane to Noel C. Nelson, Partition Plat 2009-29, Parcel 1, $640,000

James K. and Catherine A. Hendricks, trustees for the James and Catherine Hendricks Revocable Family Trust, to Michael Garibaldi and Sandra Maggioli, Township 18, Range 12, Section 2, $540,000

William H. Popoff to Ruth A.R. and Randell R. Bauman, Elkai Woods Townhomes, Phase 6, Lots 1 and 2, $420,000

George and Paulette Morris to Steven L. Housden, Tetherow Crossing 4, Lot 3, Block 2, $152,500

Donald J. and Terri L. Baxter to James K. and Catherine A. Hendricks, Yardley Estates, Phase 5, Lot 100, $299,900

Simplicity Homes LLC to Thomas A. Wilson Sr., Shady Pines, Lot 7, $185,000

Bonny E. Elliott to Kevin T. Nichols, Timberline, Lot 23, $188,000

Victor M. and Janet A. Ferro, trustees for the Victor M. Ferro and Janet A. Ferro Revocable Trust of 2008, to Terry L. Steckman, Stonegate P.U.D., Phase 1, Lot 14, $250,000

Cynthia G. Ward to Rick A. and Laura M. Jacobs, Running Ridge, Lot 1, $347,000

Brooks Resources Corporation to Kevin S. Reynolds and Marnye R. Summers, trustees for the Reynolds Trust, North Rim on Awbrey Butte, Phase 5, Lot 117, $235,000

Virginia J. Taylor, trustee for the Virginia Jean Taylor Revocable Living Trust, to Ronald G. and Joyce K. York, Summit, Phase 1, Lot 9, $236,000

William D. and Natasha J. McEuin, individually and as trustees for the McEuin Family Trust, to Jeremy and Sarah Kinzer, River Bend Estates, Lot 118, $200,000

Theresa L. Holmquist to Floyd L. and Shelley R. Johnson, Summer Creek, Phase 1, Lot 48, $154,500

PacWest II LLC to Daniel R. and Patricia L. Warden, Gardenside P.U.D., Phase 2, Lots 71 and 72, $244,062

Marcel R. and Sandra K. DeAlicante, trustees for the Marcel and Sandra DeAlicante Revocable Trust, to Maura Logan and Jeffrey Stull, Pheasant Hill, Lot 2, Block 1, $203,500

Lonnie F. and Patsy M. Cannon to Francis E. and Karen A. Gerfen, Tall Pines, Second Addition, Lot 8, Block 7, $190,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Tim and Caren Hardin, Awbrey Woods, Phase 2, Lot 19, $275,000

Michael J. Tennant to Russell C. and Jane B. Routt, trustees for the Bruce Routt Trust, NorthWest Crossing, Phases 7 and 11, Lot 305, $419,900

Nancy A. Weaver to 10 Peaks LLC, Starwood, Lot 12, Block 6, $220,000

Chet Antonsen to Eric Norona, Empire Village, Phases 1-3, Lot 30, $305,000

Chet Antonsen to Eric Norona, Empire Village, Phases 1-3, Lot 29, $305,000

Jeffrey A. and Deanne M. Smith to Richard F. and Eileen B. Askew, Fairway Vista Estates, Lot 2, $185,000

Dunlap Fine Homes Inc. to Paul K. and Jessi A. Davis, Diamond Bar Ranch, Phase 3, Lot 115, $172,900

Edward L. and Janet Zancanella to Justin Rugg, Eagle Ridge, Lot 6, Block 2, $355,000

John F. and Linda I. Warren to Kenneth J. and Susan V. Bartell, Mountain Village East 3, Lot 9, Block 1, $280,000

Ryan Bak to Katariina Fagering, Highland Addition Lots 4 and 5, Block 26, $428,000

Eric and Vicki Sutton-Beattie to Trevor D. and Kristin C. Wigle, Silver Sage, Phase 1, Lot 6, $199,400

Kurt R. Bennett to Steve W. and Lynn E. Wren, Deschutes, Lot 3, Block 24, $245,000

Russell E. and Sheryl L. Massine to Roger R. and Nadine J. Eichhorn, Aspen Rim, Lot 62, $499,000

David R. DeHaas Jr. and Lisa DeHass, also appearing of record as Lisa W. DeHaas, to Ann M. Spires and Jeffery C. Kurth, Glaze Meadow Homesite Section, Eleventh Addition, Lot 362, $621,120

Federal National Mortgage Association to Central Oregon Veterans Outreach Inc., Terrango Glen, Phase 1, Lot 29, $252,450

Jane A. Leverenz, Small Estate of Todd Richard Leverenz, to Robert Freund and Teresa Warden, Staats Addition to the City of Bend, Lot 1, Block 9, $226,000

B. Jean Freeburg to Jay D. and Linda A. Lamb, trustees for the Lamb Joint Living Trust, Quelah Condominiums, Unit 86, $253,500

Jeff and Ronda Korish to Charlotte Meyer, Partition Plat 1991-57, Parcels 1 and 3, $320,000

Cathleen C. Wright to Trevor D. and Kristin C. Wigle, Colvin Estates, Phase 1, Lot 18, Block 1, $191,000

Jorge A. and Lindsay A. Torralba to Joanne E. and Gregory E. Bell, Forest Park 2, Lot 8, Block 9, $325,000

PacWest II LLC to Gerald S. and Caroll L. Mills, trustees for the Gerald S. and Caroll L. Mills Trust, Angus Acres, Phase 3, Lot 71, $259,947

Eric and Sarah Nokes to Joseph M. Alstott and Rebecca W. Mendes, Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 1, Lot 22, $465,000

Karen Williams, trustee for the Karen Williams Trust, to Kevin R. and Susan M. Jones, trustees for the Kevin and Susan Jones Family Trust, Tollgate, Third Addition, Lot 132, $327,500

Stephanie L. Martin to Robert W. and Geraldine E. Stone, Northcrest Subdivision, Lot 39, $219,900

Hayden Homes LLC to Katherine J. and Steven R. Van Horn, trustees for the Katherine Van Horn Living Trust, Aspen Rim, Lot 73, $250,593

Sarah L. and Duane P. Stevens to Joseph A. and Judith G. Hill, Awbrey Butte Homesites, Phase 23, Lot 14, Block 19, $1,057,500

Tarrill E. Jones to Ken Marks, Don Carlos Acres, Lot 8, $219,000

RD Building and Design LLC to Jacqueline and Robert Warden, Breckenridge, Lot 24, $224,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Joan G. Coffenberg, trustee of the George A. and Joan G. Coffenberg Revocable Family Trust, Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 1, Lot 34, $385,000

Cathy M. Holley to Barry and Maryl G. Featherstone, Ridge at Eagle Crest 6, Lot 21, $670,000

Kimberly C. Page to Matthew J. and Bayley A. Killpack, Township 17, Range 13, Section 28, $290,000

Esther Mathers to John E. and Dean L. Sherry, Awbrey Glen Homesites, Phase 1, Lot 34, $612,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Chris and Geri Johnson, trustees for the Johnson Living Trust, Stonegate P.U.D., Phase 1, Lot 32, $382,425

Jordan and Stephanie Uppendahl to Charles H. and Tana M. Clark, Deschutes River Woods, Lots 11 and 22, Block F, $150,000

Brooks Resources Corporation to Peter J. and Amy A. Chase, North Rim on Awbrey Butte, Phase 4, Lot 84, $190,000

Johnny B. Delashaw Jr. and Frances P. Delashaw, trustees for the Johnny Bill Delashaw Jr. and Frances Patrick Delashaw Revocable Living Trust, to Gregg and Jill Peters, Ridge at Eagle Crest 15, Lot 19, $285,000

Lawrence B. and Melanie B. Fisher to Julie A. Guidry and Jerry P. Guidry Jr., Tamarack Park, Lot 29, Block 3, $245,000

Michael G. and Diann M. Duggan to Jeffrey E. and Linda S. Anspach, Partition Plat 2003-60, Parcel 2, $575,000

Joanne M. Lee, trustee for the Joanne M. Lee Revocable Trust, and Gregory A. Lee, trustee for the Gregory A. Lee Revocable Trust, to Ryan J. and Natalie N. Bak, Awbrey Village, Phase 5, Lot 142, $574,000

Riverview Community Bank to BasX Properties LLC, Township 15, Range 13, Section 29, $3,500,000