Building permits for cities of Bend, Redmond and Deschutes County

City of Bend

RPB Land Investments LLC, 724 N.E. Vail Lane, $201,836

RPB Land Investments LLC, 720 N.E. Vail Lane, $194,823

2001 Steven B. Dandurand Revocable Trust, 20254 S.E. Narnia Place, $193,737

Yelas Development Inc., 2652 N.W. Nordeen Way, $379,474

Creative Real Estates Solutions, 1623 N.W. Third St., $250,000

G.H. Monster Revocable Trust, 63050 Corporate Place, $105,000

Hayden Homes LLC, 61126 S.E. Cone Flower St., $259,233

Deschutes County

Silver Family Trust, 61373 Bonneville Loop, Bend $407,262

Albert L. Shirk, 52376 Pine Forest Drive, La Pine $229,182

Christopher Rattigan and Philip Rhodus, 64841 Half Mile Lane, Bend $137,750

Michael and Karen McLaughlin, 17485 Mountain View Road, Sisters $446,136

Brian R. Steely et al, 3150 N.W. Anderson Ranch Road, Bend $322,727

John T. Lohrman Trust et al, 17900 Mountain View Road, Sisters $100,000

Lot 23 LLC, 19425 Randall Court, Bend $384,157

Jeremy and Heather Neet, 63290 Deschutes Market Road, Bend $325,520

Heiserman Family Trust, 60706 Golf Village Loop, Bend $326,175

City of Redmond

P.L. Redmond U.S.A. Limited Partnership, 3244 S.W. 28th St., $227,693

P.L. Redmond U.S.A. Limited Partnership, 3232 S.W. 28th St., $175,638

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