Editorial: County should say no again to ‘historic’ canal

Proponents of tacking a historic designation onto a section of a Central Oregon Irrigation District … Read more

Editorial: Portland school scandal contains a lesson for Bend

Contract language in Portland and Bend helps teachers purge their personnel files

We can all agree that Bend’s school district is not at all like Portland’s, which … Read more

Editorial: Bend council should rethink pay decision

Bend city councilors and, soon, an elected mayor deserve a pay raise. The $200 per … Read more

Editorial: Comment on the plan to restrict wilderness access

The deadline to comment on the U.S. Forest Service’s plans to limit access to wilderness … Read more

Editorial: Oregon should push ahead with sports betting

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision Monday overturning the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act … Read more

Editorial: Oregon should ban taxes and fees on groceries

New taxes are as popular as a yellow jacket buzzing the baby’s crib. But some … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: Deschutes commissioners should grow backbone on pot laws

Where Deschutes County commissioners will land in their nine-month re-examination of the county’s pot rules … Read more

Editorial: Neighbors, not city, should pave neighborhood streets

Dust on Bend’s unpaved streets kicks up as the weather warms. It has been worse … Read more

Editorial: Sharing tax returns a private decision

Gov. Kate Brown and her husband, Dan Little, made their tax returns public recently. Not … Read more

Editorial: Burn now, help prevent big fires later

A little more than two weeks ago, Bend residents woke up to a morning more … Read more

Letters: Support Tammy Baney, Re-elect DeBone; Vote for DeBone; Protect the environment; Reduce animal suffering

Editor’s note: It’s unlikely we have any more room for new submissions of primary-related letters. … Read more

Editorial: Democratic supermajorities will uncork tax hikes

The OLCC provides an object lesson in unfettered taxing power

Voters may have many reasons for choosing one candidate over another, from ideology to trustworthiness. … Read more

Letters: Stop the negative ads; Vote Tony DeBone; Editorial was wrong on bag ban; Keep the Land and Water Conservation Fund; Wasted art

Editor’s note: It is unlikely that we have room for more election-related letters before the … Read more

Editorial: Start investigation into 911 radio problems

Deschutes County officials have been working to fix the county’s new digital radio system but … Read more

Editorial: Let them wear uniforms

Two young men from The Dalles will graduate with their The Dalles High School classmates … Read more

Editorial: Bend tackles Drake Park parking problems, but ignores those caused by OSU

City should address university’s mess before campus starts to grow

From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, the city of Bend will impose a four-hour … Read more

Editorial: Don’t import a California solar requirement

If Californians want to require almost all new homes in that state to have solar … Read more

Editorial: Don’t make green boxes a mystery

Redmond is planning to paint green boxes on the road at some intersections. But do … Read more

Editorial: Vote before it’s too late

Oregonians have it easy where voting is concerned. Our ballots come to our doors; we … Read more

Editorial: Expand affordable housing pilot

Bend and Redmond are both starved for affordable housing. They both deserve to win the … Read more

Editorial: Don’t punish renovators in Bend

People who want to build a granny flat on their property in Bend can be … Read more

Editorial: PETA’s phantom cow-crash billboard

The animal-rights group announced that it would erect a sign at the site of a cow-truck crash. It hasn’t

A month and a half ago, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals proclaimed that … Read more

Editorial: State should tighten vaccination requirements

There’s an outbreak of whooping cough, or pertussis, in Lane County, and it shows once … Read more

Editorial: Plea agreement was the right call

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel has gotten his share of criticism in recent weeks … Read more

Editorial: Oregon works to keep votes secure

Oregonians casting their ballots this month shouldn’t worry needlessly that the election will be hacked. … Read more

Editorial: BLM should trim horse herds

Wild — actually feral — horses on public land are eating themselves out of house … Read more

Editorial: Bend should not aim for new property tax exemptions

Housing around Bend is sprouting up like spring flowers. But it’s easy to find somebody … Read more

Editorial: The Bulletin’s endorsements

Below are The Bulletin’s endorsements for the May 15 primary election. Ballots must be returned … Read more

Editorial: Bag-ban activists take aim at choice, convenience

Activists want City Council to ban single-use bags

On Wednesday, a group of shopping activists will ask the Bend City Council to strike … Read more

Editorial: Choose Flynn for Supreme Court

Two judges on the seven-member Oregon Supreme Court are in races for election this month, … Read more

Editorial: Bend’s parking vision clashes with reality

Bend city planners have long seemed determined to win a crusade against cars by making … Read more

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