Editorial: Sisters should open up city to pot sales

The Sisters City Council may — no guarantees — take steps to allow the sale … Read more

Editorial: Vote no on Measure 101

Voting no on Measure 101 is the right thing to do. A “no” vote doesn’t … Read more

Editorial: Planning group should reject Bend 2030 request

Bend’s Metropolitan Planning Organization didn’t pull the plug on Bend 2030’s request for $20,000 Tuesday, … Read more

Editorial: Oregon’s net neutrality pushes seem doomed

Oregon is on a collision course with the federal government over net neutrality. A legislator … Read more

Editorial: Please remember to vote on Measure 101

Tuesday night, sometime after 8 p.m., Oregonians will learn the fate of Ballot Measure 101. … Read more

Editorial: Police don’t have radio system they need

Here we go again. Government implements new technology. Technology doesn’t work as expected. This time, … Read more

Editorial: Universal coverage plan needs proof it would work

State Rep. Mitch Greenlick, D-Portland, is nothing if not persistent. In his 15 years in … Read more

Editorial: Plan for Detroit Lake seems problematic

The battle to restore native fish runs to Oregon’s waterways has reached the North Santiam … Read more

Editorial: Proposed bill would protect intellectually disabled parents

A proposed bill would provide additional protections to Oregon parents with intellectual disabilities. Legislative Concept … Read more

Editorial: Tiny parking lot restricts visitors at Riley Ranch

With the sun shining and temperatures in the 50s Saturday, dozens of cars headed for … Read more

Editorial: Legislature should make law change for Richardson

Our Oregon, a group funded largely by public-employee unions, has sent Oregon Secretary of State … Read more

Editorial: Bend’s charter changes have snags

On Wednesday, the Bend City Council will discuss two measures that may end up on … Read more

Editorial: Government kills owls to save owls

Sometimes the Endangered Species Act looks less like a law written with good intentions and … Read more

Editorial: Kill the new Deschutes footbridge ban

The bill to kill a long-planned pedestrian bridge over the Deschutes River is back. Think … Read more

Editorial: Right result on canal historic designation

Efforts to gain a historic designation for another section of Central Oregon irrigation canal appears … Read more

Editorial: Don’t change rules to ban state school board member

Legislators shouldn’t manipulate the rules to silence voices they don’t like. But that appears to … Read more

Editorial: Ruling in Bundy case is not vindication

A federal judge’s decision to dismiss charges against Cliven, Ammon and Ryan Bundy means they … Read more

Editorial: A tax should be called a tax

The Legislature suffers from a seemingly incurable case of twistedness on taxes. A tax is … Read more

Editorial: Get a flu shot, if you have not

If you haven’t done so already, go get your flu shot. You may be tempted … Read more

Editorial: Legislators’ education tour wastes time and money

Legislators plan to waste precious time and money touring the state to learn what is … Read more

Editorial: Streamline the rights of Oregon voters

Editor’s note: Secretary of State Dennis Richardson rescinded these proposed rules after the deadline for … Read more

Editorial: Legislators should not hide their connection to bills

There’s less than a month to go before the Oregon Legislature’s 2018 session gets underway. … Read more

Editorial: Climate change bill is not ready

We might be considered old-fashioned, but before the Legislature passes a climate change bill, it … Read more

Editorial: Paid vote-by-mail proposal is unfair

As the Oregon Legislature gears up for its even-year short session, lawmakers and staff are … Read more

Editorial: Legislature should not keep the public in the dark

We have long suspected that the Legislature is only as transparent as it absolutely has … Read more

Editorial: Bend should make open space change

The Bend Planning Commission meets Monday, and among issues it will take up is a … Read more

Editorial: Legislators must get DEQ on track

Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality has a heck of a problem. It is supposed to … Read more

Editorial: Vote no on Measure 101

It’s OK to vote “no” on Measure 101 on the January ballot. The tax is … Read more

Editorial: Bend should not adopt tiered SDCs

Bend’s Affordable Housing Advisory Committee meets Wednesday and is scheduled to discuss the idea of … Read more

Editorial: No excuse for using office for personal gain

Cylvia Hayes has long contended she was not an elected official so the state ethics … Read more

Editorial: State should pursue delinquent local governments

The Oregon Secretary of State’s Office churns out regular audits and collects financial reports from … Read more

Editorial: Show flexibility for Madras sewer hookups

Southeast Bend residents must have a sense of deja vu when they read about what’s … Read more

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