Editorial: Reinstate Madras JROTC program

If Jefferson County School District officials have learned one thing in the past month, it’s … Read more

Editorial: Congress should be part of national monument selection

Just over a week before Donald Trump became president in January, then-President Barack Obama roughly … Read more

Editorial: Sign the petition to put taxes on the ballot

Among the budget-balancing efforts approved by the 2017 Oregon Legislature and signed by the governor … Read more

Editorial: A perplexing court ruling

U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken granted leniency to a 44-year-old La Pine man guilty … Read more

Editorial: Dennis Richardson makes good change to petitions

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson announced Thursday he will make a change in the … Read more

Editorial: Raising the minimum wage and raising germs

Much of the debate over the minimum wage comes down to this question: Is there … Read more

Editorial: Cutting trail access may cut support for Forest Service

One striking thing about the public comments on the Forest Service’s proposal to restrict access … Read more

Editorial: Public records law was improved

Oregon lawmakers took a good first step toward improving the public’s access to government records … Read more

Editorial: Suicide prevention bill is too broad and vague

Oregon’s newest gun control effort came from the best of intentions, nourished by lawmakers’ affection … Read more

Editorial: Shift wilderness boundary to protect Crooked River Ranch

It should be a no-brainer. A “wilderness” that lies adjacent to a subdivision is no … Read more

Editorial: PERS demands visionary leadership

Oregon’s Public Employees Retirement System was the focus of multiple bills this legislative session, but … Read more

Editorial: Build the footbridge over the Deschutes River

The bill that would have killed the Bend Park & Recreation District’s plans for a … Read more

Editorial: Help dredge Mirror Pond

Bend’s Mirror Pond may be restored by year’s end. Mirror Pond Solutions has filed a … Read more

Editorial: Bend and Redmond will benefit from bike boulevards

The bike boulevards planned by Bend and Redmond won’t just be good for bicyclists. They … Read more

Editorial: Justice system needs some balancing

When somebody has a day in court, it should be a fair fight. But in … Read more

Editorial: Legislature must show commitment to OSU-Cascades

Oregon’s higher education system suffers varied problems. Exorbitant excellence is not one of them. Nonetheless, … Read more

Editorial: A Democratic achievement to regret

Senate Bill 229 is ill-advised, ill-executed and should make anyone who cares about the democratic … Read more

Editorial: Oregon must be careful about adding health care entitlements

As Oregon lawmakers rush to finish business so they can go home, they’re being peppered … Read more

Editorial: Reps. McLane and Huffman help wildfire victims

Just in time for wildfire season, Oregon lawmakers have approved without objection a pair of … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Bend High class of 1965 plans a party

The members of Bend Senior High School’s Class of 1965 threw themselves a whopping party … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes County does need more judges

It may not have come as a surprise, but the news that Deschutes County will … Read more

Editorial: This legislative session’s legacy is “less bad”

When their work is done and Oregon lawmakers head home in the next few days, … Read more

Editorial: Keep free speech strong

Oregonians’ right to free speech is particularly strong. And, as the state’s Court of Appeals … Read more

Editorial: Give OSU-Cascades its fair bond share

For OSU-Cascades’ expansion plan for a fledgling, fast-growing university: • $69 million in bonding money … Read more

Editorial: A new low for Oregon election manipulation

It doesn’t matter if the culprits are Russians, Republicans or Democrats — meddling in Oregon … Read more

Editorial: Dysfunctional energy department is wrong place for climate program

Oregon’s ability to have an impact on global warming is debatable. Even more debatable is … Read more

Editorial: Teacher regulations need flexibility

The credentialing game in public education is sometimes ridiculed as an absurd collection of regulatory … Read more

Editorial: Oregon Promise should be for the needy

The Oregon Promise, which offers scholarship money to some community college students, is about to … Read more

Editorial: Workplace law shows cooperation, but still burdens businesses

Oregon lawmakers have decided to blaze a path as the first state to impose workplace … Read more

Editorial: Forest Service needs to hear from you on trail limits

A paid permit could soon be required to access the Green Lakes Trail and other … Read more

Editorial: Don’t treat minimum wage hikes like wizardry

Raising the minimum wage is not fairy dust. Sprinkling some on doesn’t necessarily mean the … Read more

Editorial: Don’t subvert the power of voters

The Democratic Senate Majority Office is apparently planning to subvert the ability of Oregonians to … Read more

Editorial: Drug monitoring program needs privacy protections

Oregon collects information about some of your drug prescriptions, but in most cases only people … Read more

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