Editorial: The wrong approach to gun law reform

An interfaith group from Portland is trying to get a measure on the November ballot … Read more


F for standardized testing The Bulletin’s “Why bother with gathering data in education?” editorial from … Read more

Editorial: PETA’s beef

Animal-rights group proposes billboard at site of fatal cow crash

People driving between Madras and Prineville on U.S. Highway 26 may soon see a new … Read more

Editorial: Senior center getting an upgrade

When the remodeling is done, Bend’s growing senior population will have just what it needs: … Read more

Editorial: Schools, parks should say ‘no’ to Bend redevelopment tax scheme

Bend’s Central District is ripe for redevelopment, but it may not happen anytime soon without … Read more

Editorial: Get to the bottom of emergency radio mess

Steve Reinke, 62, will step down as head of Deschutes County 911 in the next … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers can’t duck Oregon’s PERS burden

ESD’s projections show the scale and duration of the problem

Both Gov. Kate Brown and the Oregon Legislature deserve credit for acknowledging the seriousness of … Read more

Editorial: The beef with the labeling law

Many consumers want to know where their food comes from. American ranchers are right there … Read more

Editorial: Bend council a step closer to raise

Bend city councilors likely will vote on March 28 to give the future council a … Read more

Editorial: Greenways will be good for Bend

Construction may begin this fall on a smart improvement to Bend’s roads — neighborhood greenways … Read more

Editorial: Oregon doesn’t need campaign finance limits

Oregon’s constitution has one of the broadest protections of free speech in the United States. … Read more

Editorial: Bend schools’ selective love of data

When the Bend-La Pine Schools wanted to figure out if it should change when school … Read more

Editorial: Live up to commitment to public records

The state of Oregon has a new job dedicated to settling fights over public records. … Read more

Editorial: Get help at Crook library

Sometimes the people who most need the help of a social worker have the most … Read more

Kruse still doesn’t understand sexual harassment

The resignation of state Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, becomes official Friday. He’s going out like … Read more

Editorial: Don’t count on state investing wisely for clean jobs

Oregon’s Democratic leadership has committed to passing legislation in 2019 to cap greenhouse gas emissions … Read more

Editorial: Bend council hasn’t killed art

The city of Bend’s Arts, Beautification and Culture Commission, now just over 16 years old, … Read more

Editorial: Renew tax to help downtown

One of the best things the Bend City Council did recently is essentially vote for … Read more

Editorial: Bend’s anti-car street parties send the wrong message

The city should seek coexistence, but it alienates motorists instead

Bend is a recreation-focused city populated with a healthy number of alternative-transportation enthusiasts, especially cyclists. … Read more

Editorial: Don’t take away tax break for families that opt for private schools

Oregon lawmakers spent considerable time this year adjusting state laws to account for changes in … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: Does Kate Brown really want to help small business?

Small business means a lot to Gov. Kate Brown. At least that’s what she says. … Read more

Editorial: Don’t rely on taxes to solve affordable housing

Believe it or not, higher taxes are not the only answer to Oregon’s housing problem. … Read more

Editorial: Democrats’ silly attack on Knute Buehler

Party head’s claim assumes voters are stupid

No sooner did this year’s legislative session end than the state’s partisans launched into campaign … Read more

Editorial: Legislature didn’t do enough about PERS

Oregon lawmakers did do something this year to address the state’s $20 billion-plus unfunded liability … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes County injects mystery into 911 radio problems

For all the problems with Deschutes County’s new, multimillion-dollar digital radio system, did the ­county … Read more

Editorial: Take apartment complaints to Salem

A group of Bend residents is unhappy about the prospect of a four-story apartment building … Read more

Editorial: The path ahead for the Deschutes River footbridge

For those keeping score on this year’s legislative session, check a win for hikers and … Read more

Editorial: Illegal discrimination in the name of gun safety

Retailers would likely violate Oregon law by denying rifle sales to people under 21

A number of large retailers, including Dick’s Sporting Goods and Fred Meyer parent, Kroger, have … Read more

Editorial: Legislature was right to pause on felony threat

When a 16-year-old boy was arrested who was believed to be planning a shooting at … Read more

Editorial: Voters should get vote on Electoral College change

The national popular vote movement has failed at least four times to successfully make it … Read more

Editorial: Don’t let Deschutes River problems wind up in lawsuits

The Deschutes River is such a beauty it can be easy to forget it has … Read more

Editorial: County should be cautious about cutting family planning

Deschutes County officials are looking into the possibility of dropping the family planning services they … Read more

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