Editorial: Two good changes to public unions

Public employee unions, among the most powerful political groups in the state of Oregon, are … Read more

Editorial: Cascade-Siskiyou should be shrunk

While he’s short on specifics, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke clearly recognizes how damaging … Read more

Editorial: Oregon should change its smoke plan

Perhaps nothing has been more irritating this summer in Central Oregon than the persistent wildfire … Read more

Editorial: Apply for Bend transportation committee

Bend’s transportation future should be … what? More bikes? More walking? More buses? City staff … Read more

Editorial: Brown’s irresponsible goal of a hurry-up carbon tax

Gov. Kate Brown said earlier this summer that she wants to use the short 2018 … Read more

Editorial: Measure would rightly clarify what is a new tax

Oregonians may get the chance to vote next year on a pair of ballot measures … Read more

Editorial: Make Oregon presidential primary relevant again

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has an excellent idea: Move Oregon’s presidential primary to sometime … Read more

Editorial: Bend council rules change is ripe for worry

Some issues pack the Bend City Council chambers so much a crowd spills out into … Read more

Editorial: Bend Council should respect alternative views

Bend city councilors are debating some seemingly inside-baseball stuff — how to establish the agenda … Read more

Editorial: Police right to keep quiet about suspect

So far, Oregon State Police have refused to release the name of a 15-year-old boy … Read more

Editorial: Secrecy does not help find a PERS solution

Oregon’s politicians have done an appallingly poor job of managing the costs of the state’s … Read more

Editorial: Council wards may not be a solution

Some Bend city councilors and the committee advising them are clearly stuck on two ideas: … Read more

Editorial: Madras High School makes progress

In a state with high school graduation rates among the lowest in the country, Madras … Read more

Editorial: Get the partisanship out of the Bounds nomination

It’s the president’s prerogative to make nominations to the federal judiciary. It doesn’t matter if … Read more

Editorial: Bend did right to revise sidewalk rules

Downtown Bend merchants should be pleased with the way the city is addressing a problem … Read more

Editorial: Bend’s climate action plan will do little

The city of Bend hopes to make big progress on its climate action resolution, and … Read more

Editorial: Paul Risser deserves memorial on OSU-Cascades campus

As OSU-Cascades gets ready to begin its second full year at its new campus, there’s … Read more

Editorial: Congress does some, but not enough for wildfires

The need for change in federal management of forests is about more than just money. … Read more

Editorial: Democrats are skewing the vote

When Democrats created a special legislative committee controlled by Democrats to write the ballot title … Read more

Editorial: Charitable events are losing because of smoke

The pall of smoke over Deschutes County is serious business. It’s unhealthy for humans, it’s … Read more

Editorial: Councilors should not aim to curtail each other’s speech

The ability of Bend’s city councilors to do what they want with their personal social … Read more

Editorial: Chip in to restore Mirror Pond

The Bend community has known for several years that dredging Mirror Pond would not come … Read more

Editorial: Require immunization with fewer exceptions

The law adopted by the 2013 Legislature to cut the number of unimmunized children in … Read more

Editorial: Jefferson County should consider EMS merger

Since the 1980s residents of Jefferson County have been served by separate fire and emergency … Read more

Editorial: Richardson’s audit alert was a bullseye

The Oregon Health Authority has had its share of problems this year, not the least … Read more

Editorial: Don’t ignore potholes and traffic

Guess what the driving motivation will be behind Bend’s new city transportation plan. Pothole filling … Read more

Editorial: Bill contained arbitrary elimination of copays

It may not have been billed that way, but Oregon’s new Reproductive Health Equity Act … Read more

Editorial: Park district succeeds in taming the Deschutes, a bit

The best news for anyone frustrated by the Bend Park & Recreation District’s passageways at … Read more

Editorial: Bend’s proposal for residential parking zones has problems

The city of Bend’s draft strategies for residential parking zones has two things fundamentally wrong … Read more

Editorial: FEMA finally gets it right

When is a disaster not a disaster? When the Federal Emergency Management Agency says it’s … Read more

Editorial: Don’t hide public crimes behind privacy agreements

There’s a good reason Oregon law requires public agencies to do business in public, and … Read more

Editorial: Name dropping gone terribly wrong

People have long wanted to cleanse history that they don’t like. Soviets renamed cities and … Read more

Editorial: Kate Brown cuts and runs on PERS

Gov. Kate Brown’s task force is weighing almost uniformly terrible ways to reduce the $24 … Read more

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