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Melissa Bowerman charged in sex abuse case


Melissa Bowerman sent naked pictures of herself to a student on the Madras High School track team she coached, asking the 17-year-old student for pictures

3 brain surgeries then back on the bike


In the middle of his time trial in the Cascade Cycling Classic on July 17, Dillon Caldwell was pushing himself harder than he had ever

A week without Highway 26


It’s hard to make a latte without milk. So when the Waterman Complex Fire forced the Oregon Department of Transportation to close U.S. Highway 26

Medicaid changes could affect all Oregon health care


Joel “Charley” Jones has become a poster boy for Oregon’s new health care reform effort. His story is an example of Oregon’s attempt to revolutionize

Traffic now moving after U.S. Highway 97 accident


Traffic is now moving on U.S. Highway 97, which had been blocked by an accident at milepost 127 between Bend and Redmond, according to the

Koch brothers wade into Oregon


PORTLAND — An organization with ties to the Koch brothers — billionaire businessmen renowned for bankrolling conservative causes and tea party candidates — has waded

Bend company to open Portland office


Droplr, a Bend high-tech startup, continues to gain momentum and grow, but a lack of financial support from local investors has prompted the company to

DOJ closes case on Bend


The U.S. Department of Justice announced Wednesday that it closed the case against the city of Bend for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act,

ElliptiGOs hitting Central Oregon roads


Months after knee surgery following a bike wreck, avid bicyclist Debbie Liddell found herself in a major rut. With her knee still healing from the

Wilderness lakes offer quiet


With so many recreation-minded visitors descending on Central Oregon this summer, I’m almost hesitant to point this out: Besides Sparks, Elk, Cultus and other popular,