Couple celebrates upcoming wedding at PPP

Bend’s Juli Huddleston, 32, and Kyle McKee, 33, celebrated their upcoming wedding by competing in … Read more

Serviceman enjoys PPP with his young son

Individual Pole Pedal Paddle competitor Nate Simonson, 39, decided to bring Stratton, his 2-year-old son, … Read more

Women’s team wins PPP age group in style

If team “Synchronized Winning” knows a thing or two, it’s winning — and in style. … Read more

Adaptive teams shine in PPP

Eleven-year-old Emy Pfankuch was all smiles as her mother, Jill, helped her across the finish … Read more

Teams and pairs turn in fast times at PPP

While the elite individual men’s and women’s races are always fun to follow, the fastest … Read more

PPP weather complete opposite of last year

The 2016 PPP included snow flurries, driving rain, crosswinds, wet pavement and muddy trails. The … Read more

PPP names as creative as ever

Once again, Pole Pedal Paddle teams continue to step up their games when it comes … Read more

Pairs division strikes a balance in PPP

For some participants in the PPP, the pairs division strikes the perfect balance. They do … Read more

As Bend grew, so did its signature race

Started 40 years ago, the PPP has changed over time

Throughout Bend’s transition from a sleepy timber town in the late 1970s to a thriving … Read more

Old guard finds new competition in Pole Pedal Paddle

Added to the familiar faces in the men’s elite race is Bend newcomer Akeo Maifeld-Carucci

In each of his first three tries as an individual in the U.S. Bank Pole … Read more

Defending champion seeks to break 2-hour barrier

In 2016, Zoë Roy became the first second-generation Pole Pedal Paddle winner (her mother, Muffy … Read more

Wearing PPP pride on your sleeve

Race participants sport their shirts from throughout the years — or find new uses for them

Ernie Gilpin’s closet is packed with 22 Pole Pedal Paddle participant T-shirts. He’s hung them … Read more

Other PPP-like races

The Pole Pedal Paddle is quintessential Central Oregon, but many similar multisport races are staged across the West

The Pole Pedal Paddle multisport race is unique to Bend — but only to a … Read more

Previous PPP champions

Men 2016: Andrew Boone 2015: Jesse Thomas 2014: Marshall Greene 2013: Santiago Ocariz 2012: Kris … Read more

Tips for watching the Pole Pedal Paddle

Here’s the schedule for the multi-sport event

The Pole Pedal Paddle is among Central Oregon’s premier sporting events. The race, beginning at … Read more

2017 Pole Pedal Paddle course maps

If you participated in last year’s PPP, you’ll know the drill. The 2017 PPP will … Read more

Registration open for Mini PPP

Registration for the annual Mini Pole Pedal Paddle race in Bend is now open at … Read more

Preparing for Pole Pedal Paddle, pro tips

Three keys: purchase, practice and plan

Dan Simoneau flipped his boat into the water five times the first year he raced … Read more

Registration now open for Pole Pedal Paddle

Online registration for the 2017 U.S. Bank Pole Pedal Paddle race in Bend is now … Read more

After PPP: Mystery of the missing paddle

U.S. Bank wants its PPP trophy back

Missing: Beloved, handmade, one-of-a-kind trophy from Central Oregon’s signature multisport race. Two years ago, employees … Read more

Bend 101: The Kids Mini PPP

Multi-sport event brings out hundreds on PPP weekend

Every year, hundreds of children are indoctrinated to the Bend way of life in a … Read more

Boone bests conditions and competition for 2nd PPP title

Andrew Boone shines on the slippery bike stage down from Mount Bachelor

Through the snow flurries, driving rain, crosswinds, wet pavement and muddy trails, Andrew Boone was … Read more

Zoe Roy becomes first 2nd-generation PPP winner

Roy leads from the beginning to join her mother as individual champion

Zoe Roy wore an enormous smile. It seemed like almost too big of a smile … Read more

Hey look, it’s Elvis! And Elvis! And Elvis!

They have been a mariachi band. They have been Guns N’ Roses. And this year, … Read more

Seniors PPP racers age like fine wine

Bev Gaskins did not mince words when asked about conditions at the start of the … Read more

The PPP has the best names

Pink Fluffy Unicorns: We’re just going to assume they are dancing on rainbows. And now … Read more

After a break for Greene, A Swift Kick to the Head

Marieka Greene said she assumed that she and her husband would one day compete in … Read more

There’s no crying in the PPP

A League of Their Own was aiming for a “double win” Saturday: claiming victory in … Read more

Whether the weather be fine, or whether the weather be not

John Schiemer, executive director for the Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation, said he woke up … Read more

Defending champion gets a bigger victory

One year ago Bend’s Jesse Thomas was celebrating his victory in the 2015 Pole Pedal … Read more

Another speedy run for Atlas Cider

For the third consecutive year, the Atlas Cider Co. team posted the fastest overall time … Read more

Top PPPers get by with a little help from their friends

Behind every Pole Pedal Paddle winner is the support team that helps her change her … Read more

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