Hidden pages found in Anne Frank’s diary

AMSTERDAM — Anne Frank tried to cover up two pages of writing in her diary … Read more

Old data show plumes erupt from a Jupiter moon

Europa is an ice-encrusted moon of Jupiter with a global ocean flowing underneath its surface. … Read more

Why it seems as if everyone is always angry with you

Why do you look so angry? This article hasn’t even begun and already you disapprove. … Read more

Science notes: Elephants talk and walk, frog-killing fungus

Elephant walk may also be a kind of talk With a trunk that produces 110-decibel … Read more

This matchmaker hooks up inventors and companies

There won’t be any seductive music or candlelight. No swiping right, as folks do on … Read more

Even no-smoking rooms can get lots of ‘thirdhand smoke’

Pop quiz: If you sampled the air in an empty college classroom where smoking is … Read more

Small helicopter will hitch a ride to Mars with NASA’s next rover

Roving around Mars is so passe. So NASA is sending a helicopter to the Red … Read more

Why was plutonium dust left to blow across Washington?

Events at the Hanford Site demonstrate the consequences when radioactive cleanup spirals out of control

RICHLAND, Wash. — As crews demolished a shuttered nuclear weapons plant during 2017 in central … Read more

Survey reveals Americans feel more anxious than last year

Feeling more anxious these days? You’ve got plenty of company. A new survey from the … Read more

Maryland’s first cloned dogs highlight a growing demand

BEL AIR, Md. — A Bel Air woman loves her long-haired chihuahua so much that … Read more

Gmail’s ‘confidential mode’ may not be so secure

In rolling out major updates to Gmail, Google has announced that the popular email service … Read more

Science notes: 3-D map of the Milky Way, scent of a rose

Most detailed map of the Milky Way Call it a galaxy in a bottle. Last … Read more

2 Seattle startups created tech for major movie

SEATTLE — In hindsight, the last week of March would have been the perfect time … Read more

Mandatory GMO labels are coming to your food

Food-makers will soon be required to disclose when their products contain genetically modified ingredients — … Read more

Survey gives insight into antidepressant withdrawal

In an article on antidepressant withdrawal published online April 7, The New York Times invited … Read more

Decoding your baby’s DNA: Should it be done?

Experts are worried about consequences of commercialization of life-saving test

LOS ANGELES — Maverick Coltrin entered the world a seemingly healthy 8-pound boy. But within … Read more

Science notes: studying sea monkeys, exploding ants

Studying ‘sea monkey synchronized swimming’ In 2014, John Dabiri found his research on small crustaceans … Read more

Setting fires and restoring America’s landscape

Controlled burns help sustain ecosystems that have been shaped by fire for millenniums

North America was once a loose, sprawling conversation between landscapes. Soft boundaries linked prairie, savanna, … Read more

Animal exposure during childhood may make more laid-back adults

New research offers evidence for a claim made regularly by country music singers: Growing up … Read more

Scientists: Diamonds from space formed inside a long-lost planet

Ten years ago, an Arizona astronomer spotted an asteroid that was headed straight for Earth. … Read more

Tech giants’ ‘fixes’ for kids amount to baby steps

NEW YORK — Facebook is adding a “sleep” mode to its Messenger Kids service to … Read more

Worried about risky behavior? Make school tougher for teens

All parents of teenagers worry their children will engage in risky behavior, including drinking, smoking … Read more

Survey finds far more apes, but not all is well

The largest survey of two primate populations in Africa found vastly more western lowland gorillas, … Read more

BendBroadband doubles top download speed

Central Oregon’s only cable broadband provider says it has doubled its top download speed to … Read more

On the same WAVELENGTH

Researchers find best friends share everything, including brain waves

A friend will help you move, goes an old saying, while a good friend will … Read more

Friendship’s dark side: a ‘common enemy’

As a rule, friendship is considered an unalloyed good, one of life’s happy-happies, like flowers … Read more

Batman watch gives you time to fight crime

Are you a Batman fan? I mean the kind of fan who travels to Fan … Read more

OSU computer science graduates find jobs in Bend

Cascades campus supplies fewer than 12 a year

After finishing an internship with a Bend startup company in October, Erin Peacock considered taking … Read more

Nintendo’s cardboard Labo meshes video games with real life

I built a car today. And it only took me 10 minutes. A remote-controlled car … Read more

‘Whole again’: Genital transplant a big step, and a first for veterans

BALTIMORE — In a 14-hour operation, a young military veteran whose genitals were blown off … Read more

Illegally captured reptiles being sold as pets

Surge in popularity blamed for unlawful practice

JAKARTA, Indonesia — In the market for a new pet? Maybe something a bit exotic? … Read more

The more humans spread out, the smaller other mammals get

LOS ANGELES — Thirteen thousand years ago, Southern California was crawling with enormous mammals — … Read more

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