Massive bull elk is the latest Montana nontypical record

For many years, Garth Sessions couldn’t understand what his grandfather was talking about when he … Read more

Wyoming taxidermist makes art out of wildlife

LANDER — Eyes require the most attention. Flesh tones go in the corners, and a … Read more

Women aiming to be hunters hone their wingshooting skills

DULUTH, Minn. — Somewhere in a tangle of chest-high cover, Meine locked up in a … Read more

Fishing report

ANTELOPE FLAT RESERVOIR: (rainbow trout) The water is dirty, but anglers are reporting good catches … Read more

Experts give tips on buying used snow gear

Shop smart with our Skyliners Ski Swap guide

Throw your cyclocross bike in the dumpster — it’s time for snow and the annual … Read more

Islamorada fishermen, marinas struggle in aftermath of Hurricane Irma

The last text from Islamorada, Fla., before Hurricane Irma plowed into the Keys was about … Read more

Time alone in the woods allows this hunter’s mind to wander

Alone in the woods, amid the wonders of nature, I often think deeply about the … Read more

Retired Montana teacher has climbed some of the highest peaks

You could say the Devil made him do it, but that is only true initially. … Read more

Field reports: Camo hunters out during deer season

An oversight in Washington’s 2016-17 fall turkey hunting seasons is allowing camouflaged hunters in the … Read more

Mountain Bike Trail Guide: Grand Slam-COD loop

Loop a is good option close to Bend during the fall

Mountain bikers in Bend no longer have to worry about trail closures near town stemming … Read more

Despite wildfires and snow, hikers have fall options in the Three Sisters Wilderness

Six Lakes Trail is an ideal hike this time of year

Just when the wildfires began to dissipate last month — clearing the lingering smoke and … Read more

Elk can be crafty creatures

Elk can be the most visible, and alternately invisible, big game animal in the Northwest. … Read more

The Max King Trail Running Camp pushes limits

Kings and queens of the mountain

Professional ultrarunner Max King stood before his group of protégés, somewhere east of the Menagerie … Read more

Stream Map USA app for paddlers, anglers

Michael Gogal realized that a giving anglers and paddlers mobile access to waterway maps, GPS … Read more

Elk hunt flub still haunts archer

In the Japanese lore of the Samurai warrior there is a term called seppuku, better … Read more

Friends enjoy 600-mile bike trip in New Zealand

When some longtime friends started tossing around the idea of a bicycle trip through New … Read more

Quail hunting in Alabama

A glimpse into the past from the back of a horse

No one answered our knock. Brian Smith turned the knob and we stepped into the … Read more

Fly-tying corner

Brett’s Klamath Intruder Rusty Olive

Notice the proportions on this steelhead fly. The hook is substantial while the profile is … Read more

Learn about Central Oregon’s top-five evergreen trees

Autumnal shades of green

As summer drains away and autumn brings cooler temperatures and snow to the mountains, Central … Read more

Mountain biking in Shevlin Park

Early fall is a great time to hit trails close to Bend, including those in Shevlin Park

During the late summer and early fall, perhaps nothing gets mountain bikers more excited than … Read more

Ignore TV ratings: Golf is healthier than it appears

Jim Sanford was hitting microchipped golf balls off a mat between swigs of beer and … Read more

What it’s like to hunt a mountain goat

SEATTLE — For hunters, killing a mountain goat is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “It’s one of … Read more

Dry conditions greet waterfowl hunters

Barring a drastic change in weather patterns, dry conditions will play into hunting strategies this … Read more

Hunters should expect a challenging buck deer rifle season

But elk season could be a bright spot in Central Oregon

While last winter was incredible for skiers and snowboarders, it could prove to be a … Read more

Bend endurance athletes focus on mental fitness

Staying tuned to positive vibes

Despite his youth, Bend bicycle racer Ryder Uetrecht knows a thing or two about set-backs. … Read more

Hiking at Newberry caldera

Paulina Peak and other features make the monument an ideal hiking destination in the early fall

NEWBERRY NATIONAL VOLCANIC MONUMENT — Sure, you can drive all the way to the top … Read more

Don’t count on cellphone for a rescue when hiking

Sarah Savage was alone in the woods and didn’t know which way to turn. She … Read more

Knife-throwing as a sport: who’d have thunk it?

DANBY, N.Y. — Reaching the 2017 Finger Lakes Fling, held on the last weekend in … Read more

Where would-be hikers can go to learn to navigate the outdoors

Hikers who are new to trails and want to equip themselves with the knowledge and … Read more

Beartooth backpacking trip tests route-finding skills, wisdom

MUDDY CREEK, Wyo. — When the trail disappeared into a marsh after the stream crossing, … Read more

Mom invents a spray she says will attract any nearby Bigfoot

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The nation’s endless search for proof of Bigfoot’s existence may soon come … Read more

Mountain Bike Trail Guide: Tyler’s Traverse and Duodenum

Duodenum is a recently added loop trail in the Wanoga complex southwest of Bend

The poor air quality that pervaded Central Oregon over the past few weeks had kept … Read more

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