Editorial: SDC change could encourage building of fourplexes

Should builders of fourplexes pay the same system development charges as builders of single-family homes? … Read more

Editorial: A great teacher in Bend

Andria Lindsey, 40, Bend High math teacher and International Baccalaureate program coordinator, likely thought Tuesday … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers should back Gov. Brown on OSU-Cascades bonds

Gov. Kate Brown gave the OSU-Cascades campus badly needed support Dec. 8 when she included … Read more

Editorial: Don’t give the Legislature more freedom to tax

Some in Oregon believe the government that governs best taxes more. And to carry out … Read more

Editorial: Oregon takes license enforcement to absurd extremes

What makes an engineer an engineer? Would a bachelor’s degree in engineering do it? How … Read more

Editorial: The details matter in police logs

A staple for almost all police agencies is a police log. It’s a daily or … Read more

Editorial: County moves in the right direction on church

The federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act bars land use restrictions that put … Read more

Editorial: Cities should have control of transportation plans

Oregon’s transportation planning rule could previously be summed up as: Car bad. But it is … Read more

Editorial: Tip-sharing rule change would restore owner control

Restaurant servers are the face of the establishment for patrons, but the dining experience is … Read more

Editorial: Push back on Bend charter changes

The Bend City Council got its first collective look Wednesday at detailed recommendations for changes … Read more

Editorial: Disclose details of investigation into Sunriver police chief

When the police chief in a community is placed on leave, the people of that … Read more

Editorial: The Bend park district could use a lobbyist

Bend Park & Recreation District directors decided Tuesday to hire a lobbyist to represent the … Read more

Editorial: Bend creates a two-year position with one year of funding

The city of Bend announced Tuesday that it had raised enough money to hire a … Read more

Editorial: Real reform is unlikely without Gov. Brown

Gov. Kate Brown on Monday suggested that public employees in Oregon could be asked to … Read more

Editorial: Judge bed and breakfast near Smith Rock on its merits

It may be an uncomfortable truth, but it’s truth just the same: As long as … Read more

Editorial: OSU-Cascades needs to break free of its parking plan

OSU-Cascades is addicted to a bad parking plan. It needs to challenge an OSU parking … Read more

Editorial: Redmond faces difficult choice in police funding

Oregon’s property tax limits have done what their supporters promised. Taxes on real estate are … Read more

Editorial: Clean up inconsistency in tobacco law

Starting Jan. 1, it will be illegal in Oregon to sell tobacco to anyone younger … Read more

Editorial: Stop the denial about Oregon’s PERS problem

Many Oregonians may not care that the state’s retirement system has an unfunded liability of … Read more

Editorial: Bend Council should adopt septic policy

Many residents of southeast Bend have a problem. They did not live inside the city … Read more

Editorial: Be smart about charitable giving

Donations to charitable organizations surge at the end of the year, likely influenced by increased … Read more

Editorial: Legislature should tighten up law for car thefts

It’s ridiculously easy to get away with stealing a car in Oregon. The magic words … Read more

Editorial: Redmond gym’s supporters should get busy

Redmond’s new City Hall opened in late February, after the city completed a roughly $12 … Read more

Editorial: State health agency mismanages taxpayer dollars

A new state audit of Medicaid spending by the Oregon Health Authority is nothing short … Read more

Editorial: Treat Sisters homeowners fairly on vacation rentals

Facing growing interest in vacation rental permits, the city of Sisters is trying to find … Read more

Editorial: It’s time for NBA’s one-and-done to be done

After more than a decade of the NBA’s one-and-done rule, it should be scrapped. The … Read more

Editorial: Bend mayor position may deserve pay raise

What would Bend get for a big $47,000 pay raise for the city’s mayor? No … Read more

Editorial: Brown is making a questionable gamble

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is gambling that Congress will see the light and supply funding … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: Renew the Bend fire levy

Dr. William Reed, an emergency room doctor at St. Charles Bend who advises the Bend … Read more

Editorial: State should invest in OSU-Cascades

Central Oregon is the fastest-growing part of the state and one of the fastest-growing places … Read more

Editorial: Pass Whisnant’s PERS reform bill

Even without full-blown reform of the state’s Public Employees Retirement System pension rules, there are … Read more

Editorial: Oregonians are right to have suspicious minds

Oregon Department of Transportation director Matt Garrett misled lawmakers about his agency’s mistakes when he … Read more

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