Commentary: Conor Lamb is a breath of fresh air

Every election cycle, we say that so and so is fighting for the soul of … Read more

Editorial: Greenways will be good for Bend

Construction may begin this fall on a smart improvement to Bend’s roads — neighborhood greenways … Read more

Editorial: Oregon doesn’t need campaign finance limits

Oregon’s constitution has one of the broadest protections of free speech in the United States. … Read more

Guest column: Sheriff Nelson voices flawed view of pot

Sheriff Shane Nelson was recently quoted by The Bulletin that he has taken a stance … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Summer camp gives kids special memories

All parents, or at least all the ones I know, worry sometimes that their children … Read more

Editorial: Bend schools’ selective love of data

When the Bend-La Pine Schools wanted to figure out if it should change when school … Read more

Guest column: A different interpretation of the Second Amendment

We the People … “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free … Read more

Letters: Journalistic malpractice; Where is the abortion outrage?; Automatic guns should go?; A vote for good government

Journalistic malpractice The front page article on Feb. 21 was one of the most biased, … Read more

Editorial: Live up to commitment to public records

The state of Oregon has a new job dedicated to settling fights over public records. … Read more

Editorial: Get help at Crook library

Sometimes the people who most need the help of a social worker have the most … Read more

Guest column: Stopping school violence won’t happen without the public

What can stop violent outbreaks in America? Everyone has responsibilities to ensure a safe school. … Read more

Guest column: Don’t blame guns for violence

Many articles have been submitted to The Bulletin since the Florida high school shooting advocating … Read more

Kruse still doesn’t understand sexual harassment

The resignation of state Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, becomes official Friday. He’s going out like … Read more

Editorial: Don’t count on state investing wisely for clean jobs

Oregon’s Democratic leadership has committed to passing legislation in 2019 to cap greenhouse gas emissions … Read more

Guest column: Sam Carpenter will make Oregon great again

I support Sam Carpenter for governor of the state of Oregon. Sam has the background, … Read more

Commentary: Honey, pick up some milk from the Republican store

As some companies have pulled away their discounts for National Rifle Association members, in response … Read more

Guest column: Move forward on sensible gun control

I know little of guns, and I struggle to understand the intense attachment of many … Read more

Commentary: North Korea and South Korea snooker Trump

South Korean conservatives have had two nightmare scenarios about President Donald Trump: that he would … Read more

Pro: Congress must act quickly to end America’s atrocities in Yemen

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Should the Senate use the War Powers … Read more

CON: Chaos will erupt in the Middle East if US leaves Yemen

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Should the Senate use the War Powers … Read more

Editorial: Bend council hasn’t killed art

The city of Bend’s Arts, Beautification and Culture Commission, now just over 16 years old, … Read more

Editorial: Renew tax to help downtown

One of the best things the Bend City Council did recently is essentially vote for … Read more

Guest column: Janus case could bring major changes to Oregon

For most states — those that already have right-to-work protections on their books — the … Read more

Letters: People kill people; Vote Sam Carpenter; Racial bias; Ban assault rifles

People kill people I feel strongly that this conversation about guns is going in the … Read more

Commentary: Trump is tougher on Russia than Obama

Oh, Russia, be my dear friend, President Barack Obama once begged, with consequences having at … Read more

Commentary: Mr. Trump, here’s a hero; It’s your turn!

When a gunman rampaged through a high school in Parkland, Florida, three weeks ago, a … Read more

Commentary: A crude awakening

The authoritative International Energy Agency announced on Monday that the United States will overtake Russia … Read more

Commentary: Rule that Conway broke should be unconstitutional

The Office of Special Counsel, the federal ethics watchdog, has found that President Donald Trump’s … Read more

Editorial: Bend’s anti-car street parties send the wrong message

The city should seek coexistence, but it alienates motorists instead

Bend is a recreation-focused city populated with a healthy number of alternative-transportation enthusiasts, especially cyclists. … Read more

Editorial: Don’t take away tax break for families that opt for private schools

Oregon lawmakers spent considerable time this year adjusting state laws to account for changes in … Read more

Letters: No guns for teachers; Listen to residents about pot; Time for Walden to go

Listen to rural residents about pot Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone and his colleagues, commissioners … Read more

Commentary: The ‘moral hazard’ in the opioid crisis

In the 1960s, government regulators began a major push for safer cars. Which made University … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: Does Kate Brown really want to help small business?

Small business means a lot to Gov. Kate Brown. At least that’s what she says. … Read more

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