Letters: Aircraft over teachers; Distracted pedestrians; No glowing example; Shakespeare’s words; Men need to change

Why choose aircraft over teachers? It seems our representative, Greg Walden, R-Hood River, voted for … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers should back Gov. Brown on OSU-Cascades bonds

Gov. Kate Brown gave the OSU-Cascades campus badly needed support Dec. 8 when she included … Read more

Editorial: Don’t give the Legislature more freedom to tax

Some in Oregon believe the government that governs best taxes more. And to carry out … Read more

Guest column: Government should not side with Big Cable

In town halls from Baker City to North Bend I hear from rural Oregonians just … Read more

Guest column: More goodies for the ultra-rich and corporations

It’s that time of year when so many of us take stock of what we … Read more

Commentary: A united left — with media help — could put Warren in the White House

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Is Elizabeth Warren really a prime contender … Read more

Commentary: Nominating Warren would doom Democrats’ chances in 2020

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Is Elizabeth Warren really a prime contender … Read more

Commentary: Now tech moguls have to work to appear not ‘evil’

Something weird is happening in the technology industry: Giant companies are suddenly worrying about what … Read more

Commentary: A to-do list for the new congressional reform caucus

A good-government group, Issue One, announced Wednesday that “19 bipartisan lawmakers in the U.S. House … Read more

Editorial: Oregon takes license enforcement to absurd extremes

What makes an engineer an engineer? Would a bachelor’s degree in engineering do it? How … Read more

Erik Lukens column: The folly of adopting a ward system in Bend

Dicing up the city would add complexity and limit voter choice for no apparent gain

Here are a couple of questions approximately zero people ask as they inch along Reed … Read more

Editorial: The details matter in police logs

A staple for almost all police agencies is a police log. It’s a daily or … Read more

Commentary: Trump, Israel and the art of the giveaway

I’m contemplating writing a book on the first year of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, … Read more

Commentary: Is anyone ever wrong anymore?

A recent whim prompted me to reread Stephen Ambrose’s “To America,” a collection of reflections … Read more

Commentary: The Republicans’ tax wager is worth the gamble

WASHINGTON — The Republicans’ tax legislation is built on economic projections that are as confidently … Read more

Commentary: Not my Alabama

In my family, Alabama was always spoken of as a magical place reflecting much of … Read more

Commentary: Book-banning — a crusade for the simplest minds

Last month, one of my kid’s teachers told students they could improve their grades by … Read more

Editorial: County moves in the right direction on church

The federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act bars land use restrictions that put … Read more

Editorial: Cities should have control of transportation plans

Oregon’s transportation planning rule could previously be summed up as: Car bad. But it is … Read more

Guest column: Area near Smith Rock not ready for a bed and breakfast

With your front-page story of Dec. 3 and your editorial of Dec. 5 regarding the … Read more

Guest column: Don’t allow the skimming of Medicaid funds for unions

Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are skimmed off the top of Medicaid payments … Read more

Editorial: Tip-sharing rule change would restore owner control

Restaurant servers are the face of the establishment for patrons, but the dining experience is … Read more

Editorial: Push back on Bend charter changes

The Bend City Council got its first collective look Wednesday at detailed recommendations for changes … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Alyce Hatch Center helps special needs kids

Though I had read about it earlier, my first real exposure to the Alyce Hatch … Read more

Commentary: Repealing the Obamacare mandate now makes sense

They may not have succeeded in repealing and replacing Obamacare, but Republicans are close to … Read more

Editorial: Disclose details of investigation into Sunriver police chief

When the police chief in a community is placed on leave, the people of that … Read more

Editorial: The Bend park district could use a lobbyist

Bend Park & Recreation District directors decided Tuesday to hire a lobbyist to represent the … Read more

Guest column: Climate alarmists try to divert funds to pet projects

Bob Perry’s guest column in The Bulletin on Nov. 8 presented an excellent analysis of … Read more

Letters: Punishment for wildlife killers; Troubles in the State Department; Saying thank you

Wildlife killers need swift punishment Nov. 24 marks a sad day for Deschutes County residents. … Read more

Editorial: Bend creates a two-year position with one year of funding

The city of Bend announced Tuesday that it had raised enough money to hire a … Read more

Editorial: Real reform is unlikely without Gov. Brown

Gov. Kate Brown on Monday suggested that public employees in Oregon could be asked to … Read more

Guest column: Redmond citizens working together on gym’s fate

As a member of a group that has been working with the city of Redmond … Read more

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