Dean Guernsey (Photo editor)

Dean Guernsey joined The Bulletin as a photographer in 1995 then moved into his current position as photo editor. Guernsey graduated from the University of Oregon with degrees in cultural anthropology and fine art. He then followed in his father's footsteps into journalism, added photography, and has been a working photojournalist since 1986. Aside from work Guernsey enjoys spending time with his family in Central Oregon's outdoor playground.


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Odd Jobs

Moccasin man

Rainbow Eagle Dreamer, co-founder of Wildheart Dreams in Bend, makes buckskin moccasins. Ever wonder about the sign on your right as you're driving north on U. S. Highway 97 that says ”Gloves for Hides”? We stopped at McLagan's Taxidermy, asked what it meant and were told that you do indeed get a pair of gloves if you bring in an animal hide. These days, the…


Keeping customers in tune

Randy Graves, band instrument repair technician, and Peter Heithoff, a luthier who repairs stringed instruments, have owned and operated Bend Instrument Repair Inc. since 2001. Both are formally trained musicians, but today they focus their talent on keeping Central Oregonians playing in tune. The pair specialize in repairing band and stringed instruments, as well as taking in percussion and electronic amplification systems that they contract…


Any nest will do

It's nesting time for Bend's population of resident Canada geese, and they've chosen some strange places. The geese commonly bed down in places that offer good visibility and protection for them and their young. After the female lays her eggs, she'll do most of the nest-sitting, although the loyal male will keep house from time to time to allow her to get food and water.…


Oxford's opening

The lobby of The Oxford Hotel in downtown Bend lacks the chest-high counters found at most hotel front desks. Instead, guests checking in sit in cushioned chairs at regular-sized desks, almost like the loan or new account desks found in many banks. Concierge check-in, valet parking and other detailed services will be the elements that management says will set The Oxford Hotel apart from others…


Making the corn maze

The Lisignoli family of Terrebonne starts thinking about Halloween long before the rest of us. The family operates Central Oregon's corn maze, which opens today. The planning begins a year ahead, and the planting is done in the spring. Every year, the family thinks up a different theme and has a maze company design a layout. This year the family is using a dinosaur motif…