Rob Kerr (Photographer)

Rob Kerr has been a photographer at The Bulletin since 1999. He previously worked for The Oregonian, The Outlook, The East Oregonian and the short-lived Portland Living Magazine. He has covered a variety of stories, including forest protestors in an old growth forest, a double homicide near John Day, a double lung transplant in San Francisco and prominent sporting events, including the Rose Bowl, BCS National Championships and Mountain View High School winning the state football championships. Kerr enjoys competing in and watching off-road cycling events. He can be found, camera in hand, enjoying the outdoors with his wife, two kids and Bernese Mountain Dog.


Phone: 541-460-3789

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Starting Monday, the company that owns Newport Avenue Dam will lower the water level a couple of inches per hour until it is low enough to investigate a recently discovered leak in the dam. What's happenedPacifiCorp discovered a leak in the dam Oct. 2, and Mirror Pond dropped by roughly 2 feet in the days that followed, turning much of the area into mudflats. The…