Marielle Gallagher (Assistant managing editor, administration)

Marielle Gallagher is assistant managing editor, admin. at The Bulletin. She graduated from Wells College with a B.A. in English and joined The Bulletin in 2007 as a newsroom assistant. In addition to her administrative work, which includes recruiting, she shoots video and writes articles for the At Home section. When not at work she enjoys being outside with her dog, Ollie.


Phone: 541-383-0361

Stories by Marielle Gallagher



Slideshow: Artful garden in Northeast Bend

Coming upon Ryan Huff's yard in northeast Bend is like spotting an oasis in a desert. Smack-dab between long stretches of asphalt and sidewalk is his corner lot of lush reprieve. Long tendrils of grass arch over street curbs; pink cosmos, yellow rudbeckia and spiky dahlias sway on their stems. Tall grasses grow up around a stop sign and foliage creeps over the sidewalk. Huff's…



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Slideshow: Outdoor kitchens shine

For most Central Oregonians, the end of summer marks the end of grilling on the patio. But we found a few households that, thanks to some clever design work, are perfectly comfortable slicing, dicing, roasting and grilling in their outdoor cooking spaces throughout the blustery winter months. For now, though, the summer nights are the time for these spaces to shine. Thor Erickson, chef instructor…


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