A malaria fight praised as public health done right

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In U.S. fight in Kobani, 2 allies at odds

Oscar de la Renta 1932–2014

A designer for the stars and for D.C.

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Ukraine, rebels likely used cluster bombs

Man claims serial killings over 20 years in Indiana

North Korea challenges U.N. report on violations

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Why mosquitoes can’t spread Ebola

Whether north or south, Earth is the center of it all

Essay: Ebola and war in Africa

Liberian-American finds resilience in her haunted homeland

Architect was a firebrand in male-dominated field

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In U.S. fight in Kobani, 2 allies at odds

Researchers try to quell fears over Ebola

Nov. 4 Election

Kitzhaber shifts to role of battered incumbent

Try Honky-Tonk Tchaikovsky In a Game Based on ‘Fantasia’

Protests persist in Hong Kong

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Obama could strike Iran pact sans a vote in Congress

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Sharks a weapon in war on lionfish

Pope Francis beatifies an earlier reformer, Paul VI

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Dozens declared free of Ebola risk in Texas

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MTA architect, ‘the most hated man in New York’

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Bloomberg to back soda tax in Berkeley

Drug for HIV prevention is controversial


High court action on voter ID shows mixed record

Dedicating a church near ground zero

No consensus on gays or divorce at Vatican

Police: Remains may be missing UVa. student

Remembering when racism was a science

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Even the bacteria in your gut can experience jet lag

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Election picture is less predictable