Failure for EU’s Mars lander still has lessons

Issues left behind by debates’ sound and fury

A booster for rural areas: land giveaways

Ex-NSA contractor now faces espionage charge

Forces opposed to IS near Mosul; first U.S. soldier dies in fighting

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Today in history, and birthdays

Featured obituary

Ted Mikels was master of low-budget cult films

Oregon news: Gubernatorial debate

Brown, Pierce spar on issues one last time before election

The four biggest mistakes students make when applying to college

Scientists are racing to study Antarctica’s most threatened glacier - before it melts away

The mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ might be causing the whole solar system to wobble

Blues label co-founder took on musical pioneers

Starbucks plans to double stores in China in 5 years

Wild monkeys are toolmakers, but don’t know it

presidential debate

Clinton, Trump point fingers over policy in final presidential debate

Around the world

Offensive in Iraq: Largest since 2003

Sexually transmitted diseases rise in U.S.

Today in history, and birthdays

Fact check: Last presidential debate

Sticking to truth and sometimes not in 3rd debate

Trump won’t say if he’d accept an electoral loss

Smart Start

Robots: Coming soon to the cockpit?

Losing territory, ISIS keeps focus on longer fight

Election 2016

What to watch for in tonight’s debate

Around the world

WikiLeaks founder’s web access is cut off

Deaths Elsewhere

Pentagon’s new telescope is designed to track space junk, watch out for asteroids


State could create first carbon tax in U.S.

Smart Start

Where did first farmers live?

Venus: Inhospitable, and Perhaps Instructional

The amazing robot that sweats


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