Charlotte officials are pressured to release police video of man’s killing

Obama likely faces first veto override

Hackers trawling for big fish

U.S. groups are fighting human trafficking undercover

First conviction for terror and hacking

For Colombian rebels, civil war ends with coming-out (of the jungle) party

Peace with infamous Afghan warlord seen as signal to Taliban

$12 million Iranian Embassy sits empty, but the U.S. is still mowing the grass

With Obama’s help, Native Hawaiians may get own government

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‘Now my life will change’: Meet the 2016 MacArthur ‘geniuses’

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Software analyzes movies to show screen time of men vs. women

Today in history, and birthdays

3rd night of protests in Charlotte largely peaceful

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Shooting shakes Charlotte’s self-image

Tulsa police officer charged in shooting

U.S. and Russia fail to revive cease-fire in Syria


Polls: Voters back death penalty repeal, pot


Clinton, Trump prepare for 1st debate

In focus: Election 2016

Trump’s crime policies might hit minorities harder, experts say

In focus: Mexico

Demand for inquiry into police sex abuse

With Iran Boeing deal, Americans also coming

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A lesson learned from Tesla crashes: Computer vision can’t do it all just yet

Today in history, and birthdays

Charlotte under state of emergency after clashes

Syrian conflict

U.S. considers arming Kurds

In focus: Syrian Conflict

Kerry urges grounding of military aircraft in ‘key areas’

Mylan chief executive’s answers on EpiPen frustrate House panel

Bridge Scandal

Port authority director recalls being pressured

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New clues on humans’ migration from Africa

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In China, ancient water tunnels drying up


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