Refugees: A worse crisis looms

Nation & World briefing

Islands dig out after storm kills at least 20

Thai police make arrest in bombing

Murder charges filed in ambush of deputy

Picture this

Thirsty? Take a page of this ‘drinkable’ book

Today in history, and birthdays


What your dust reveals about you

‘Forgotten’ African nurse aided soldiers after Battle of the Bulge

Far below South Dakota, a cave holds pure water — and perhaps far more

In focus: presidential race

Experts say tough talk on China overlooks economic realities

In focus: Mexico and the drug trade

Kids help feed growing U.S. heroin appetite

New trend in Russia: staycations

Grim findings push migrant crisis into public view

Tropical storm weakens; 20 dead in Caribbean

The Northwest fire crews hope for break in weather

Nations joust over Arctic wealth; it may be years away

Poland joins Nazi treasure train hunt

Driverless car tests

States’ rules step into the back seat

Clinton’s rivals critical of own party

Today’s read: D.C.’s statue of Ulysses S. Grant

A little-known memorial and its tormented sculptor

Defense secretary says Pentagon funding high-tech venture

Northwest News

Scientists, tribe study shrinking Washington state glacier

Nation & World briefing

Did you Hear?

Giant robot gears up to battle rival in Japan

Neurotic? Here’s the silver lining

Today in history, and birthdays

‘The Butterflies of North America’ 19th-century images flutter to life

New Orleans’ recovery: 10 years after Katrina

On-air shooter threatened to make ‘headlines,’ showed anger

Franchise ruling a win for fast-food workers

Economy turns out to be tough

Research finds studies often can’t be repeated


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