’Workers’ or slaves? Textbook maker backtracks


Public violence is contagious, doctor says

Trade deal will be a tough sell politically

Train derails in Vermont

Russian soldiers join the fight in Syria

Trio wins Nobel Prize in medicine

U.S. general responds to airstrike criticism

Nation & World briefing

Today in history, and birthdays

Kids’ feelings about pot might predict risk of drunken driving

Brilliant plant pretends to be poop

Clinton vows to stand up to gun lobby as president

Today’s read: Niqab controversy

Fate of Canada’s election could come down to a Muslim veil

For heroin, treatment, not prison. But how?

Hot cases await the high court

U.S. aims to put more pressure on Islamic State

‘Historic’ Flooding in South Carolina

Doctors Without Borders leaves worsening Kunduz

Israel’s Netanyahu vows ‘harsh’ response to wave of violence

High school shooting plot foiled

Nation & World briefing

Today in history, and birthdays


A birth control ‘pill’ for men? Scientists may repurpose one

Biden renews call for gun control, equal rights for gays and lesbians

Updates: umpqua community college shooting

Roseburg pastor in Sunday sermon: ‘Violence will not have the last word’

A familiar profile for a gunman — or anyone

U.S. blamed as bombs hit Afghan hospital

Survivor: Gunman spared 1 to give the police a message

Analysis: the 2016 race

GOP hopefuls eye one another in the shadow of Trump

Tough choices and familiar problems for Supreme Court as term begins

Washington Week


Upcoming app is like ‘Yelp for people’

West News

California governor vetoes bills that would create new crimes

Nation & World briefing


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