Former astronaut, U.S. Sen. John Glenn dies at 95

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Meteorites a glance into our existence

A look at Trump’s hiring process

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Charleston church shooting trial begins

2 juveniles charged in Tennessee fires

Today in history, and birthdays

Ohio moves toward stringent abortion rules

Featured obituary

Actor Peter Vaughan’s career lasted into his 90s

Trump said to intend to keep stake in his business dealings

Seniors are smoking more pot, but should they be?

Air Force One

Contractor Boeing is Trump’s new target

Is ex-child soldier accused of war crimes a victim, too?

Undersea quake rocks Indonesian province

Obama defends terrorism strategy in final national security address

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Today in history, and birthdays

Featured obituary

TV’s Green Hornet became a real cop

Deaths Elsewhere

Suspected thief trapped in stolen car

What if a president blocks you on Twitter?

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Study: Kids’ headphones may still carry risks

Trump’s tariff plan hits GOP resistance

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Mistrial declared in black motorist’s fatal shooting

Warehouse fire investigation continues; 36 dead

Today in history, and birthdays

Nearly half polled in U.S. say torture can be useful

Indian actress Jayaram Jayalalithaa became politician

From penguin hearts to addax embryos: ‘Frozen zoo’ helps preserve, save lives

Volunteers create a ‘human voicebank’ to share their voices with the speech-impaired

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Service lets you read books via text

Army halts work on contentious Dakota pipeline

Fires can take a toll on mental health

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