Political briefing

Farm life draws French tired of urban rat race

Smart Start

Pendant could have Anne Frank link


As Trump sworn in, traditions march on

Measuring president’s effect on economy

Around the world

Obama commutes bulk of Manning’s sentence

Nigerian jet mistakenly bombs refugee camp

Today in history, and birthdays

Featured obituary

Nicodemo Scarfo reigned over Philadelphia Mafia

Obama cuts short Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence

Professor is developing spray to identify fly spit at crime scenes

Archaeologists and Metal Detectorists Find Common Ground

Trump's hairstyle inspires name of newly found moth

In focus: postcards from trump’s America

As Trump takes oath, 3 portraits of America

Smart Start

Aid in dying gaining acceptance

Fear spurs support for health law as it faces repeal

Around the world

Suspect in Istanbul attack is captured

After 3 years, search for MH370 ends

Today in history, and birthdays

Gene Cernan last astronaut to walk on the moon

President-elect, in flap with civil rights leader, meets with MLK’s son

Smart Start

What killed the circus?

Obama stays busy during final days in office

Corporations open cash spigot for inauguration

Diplomats at conference: The Mideast needs peace

Trump team may move press corps

Around the world

Looking ahead: offensive trademarks

SCOTUS to hear case on Oregon band’s name

Today in history, and birthdays

The black market doughnuts of Juarez

King’s radical side resonates with young activists

A mixed record for police reform


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