Dozens left dead as attackers hit Istanbul airport

Tourists the target of terrorists in Turkey

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Court’s rightward shift never came to be

Summitt became the face of a devastating disease

EU leaders push Britain to leave in Brexit’s wake

Trump vows to rip up trade deals

Benghazi panel finds no misdeeds by Clinton

Women and the draft: They’re divided over required registration

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Disney princess culture: how it molds minds


Which states rate high for patriotism?


Food grown in fake Mars soil probably won’t kill you

Today in history, and birthdays

Suicide bombers target Istanbul airport, killing at least 28

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A look at what was once a site of torture

The ripple effect of the high court’s abortion ruling

Brexit and politicians: Will it bring change?

Confusion and turmoil linger in the wake of Brexit vote

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Turkey issues apology for downing Russian jet

Today in history, and birthdays


Why handwriting matters in a keyboard world

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AKC’s newest breed: the lively pumi

Portland police chief resigns amid inquiry into shooting

Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion regulations

Court upholds reach of US gun ban for domestic violence

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Black police chief strives for change

West Virginia struggles to recover after storms


U.S. seeks allies in EU after Brexit

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Official: City of Fallujah ‘fully liberated’ from IS

Trump slips behind Clinton in new polls

10 stabbed, beaten at rally in California



The cattle call of the wild


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