Iraqi death toll reflects urgency in IS fight

Trump to gut rules on climate

Today in history, and birthdays

Around the world

Russia investigation

Dems urge Nunes to step away from Russia inquiry

Russian protest leader gets 15 days in jail

In focus: Africa

Drought, war raise African famine threat

A potential aid in addiction treatment: pot

Massive gold coin worth millions stolen from museum

Featured obituary

Civil rights champion led from positions of power

Deaths Elsewhere

Russia inquiry

Dual roles of Nunes raise questions

After setback, Republicans pivot to tax reform

Today in history, and birthdays

Trump to launch new office run by Kushner

Police search for suspects after shooting at Cincinnati nightclub

Around the world

Who killed the Iceman? Clues emerge in a very cold case

Avoiding a cannabis crackdown


A cult still captures the imagination

Failure of health bill has political fallout

ISS set to get a new parking spot

U.S. acknowledges strike alleged to have hit civilians

Uber halts self-driving tests after crash

Today in history, and birthdays

Around the world

EU leaders project unity in post-Brexit uncertainty

Looking ahead: Health care Q&A

What the bill’s failure means for consumers

Trump’s strategy: ‘Let Obamacare explode’

Stunned by threats that came from within

Trump administration permits oil pipeline

Former Penn State president convicted over child-sex scandal

Today in history, and birthdays


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