Obama expands monument off Hawaii

Data centers bringing few jobs

Quake’s destruction shows Italy’s challenge in refitting

Burkini ban overturned

In focus: Presidential race

Powerful ‘religious vote’ resists generalizations

Study: Robot dolls don’t curb teen pregnancies

Laurie the Moose Lady puts ‘heart and soul’ into roadkill

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Cutting Edge

First offshore U.S. wind farm may power up new industry

Hungry? Your pizza drone will arrive in 30 minutes


Coffee habits may be written into DNA

Today in history, and birthdays

Visits after disasters important or a distraction?

Editor’s choice

Parents call for change to EpiPen prices

As furor mounts, Mylan offers some patients help to cover cost of EpiPens

Judge in rape case asks for move to civil cases

U.N. rights chief seeks probe of violence in Yemen

French lawyers seek overturn of burkini bans

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Today in history, and birthdays

In perspective

Mosquito release plan spurs debate

As sea levels rise, nearly 2M U.S. homes could be flooded by 2100, Zillow says

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Challenges as Park Service turns 100

10 dead in university attack in Afghanistan

Turkey’s military plunges into Syria

One star over, a possibly Earth-like planet found

Sanders group met with revolt

In focus: Race for the White House

For Trump, a push to stay on script

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Global warming is good for big whales

NASA reconnects with lost spacecraft

Today in history, and birthdays

Italy earthquake kills dozens, reduces towns to rubble

North Korea fires missile from submarine in test


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