Milestones policy

Published: November 08. 2013 4:00AM PST

• Engagement forms should be submitted at least three weeks before the ceremony.

• Marriage and domestic partnership forms should be submitted within six months after the ceremony or registration.

• Anniversary announcements should be submitted within one month of the anniversary or reception.

• Birthday announcements should be submitted within one month of the birthday or celebration.

The announcement should show that the individual or couple has strong ties to Central Oregon. For anniversaries and birthdays, the couple or individual must currently live in the area. For weddings and engagements, the couple must live—or have graduated from a school—in Central Oregon or a parent must live in the area.

Milestones must be submitted by noon Wednesday to run the following Sunday, but some announcements may be held due to space limitations.

Please send large, high-quality digital images in .jpg format. You may also drop off or mail quality original photos, which will be returned within a month of publication. Be sure to include a return address. The Bulletin cannot be responsible for photographs sent by mail; we recommend that you drop off and pick up any heirloom photographs.

There is no charge for milestone announcements, but all milestones will be edited according to our newsroom standards. If you would like your announcement to be printed in color, if you want more control over the content of your announcement or if you want to guarantee your publication date, please contact a sales representative in the advertising department.

Please carefully proofread all information before submitting.

Call 541-383-0358 or e-mail for questions.

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