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Style at Home: Tips for a lovely Thanksgiving table

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Splurge or Save on home decor

Warm up your home for colder weather

Summer is eternal in San Diego but despite the year-round pleasant weather, interior designer Vanessa … Read more

A garden’s color, texture matter more than its size

MT. LEBANON, Pa. — Ina Block wasn’t interested in gardening. She was content to watch … Read more

Understanding the science of plants improves gardening skills

Most gardeners know next to nothing about the physiology of plants. Often the only plant … Read more

Forest thinning needed to prevent massive wildfires

Brush, undergrowth provide plenty of fuel to feed the blazes

In 1984, the ponderosa pine and oak forest around my new home was young second … Read more

Showcasing objects of desire

WASHINGTON — Grouping objects in a pleasing arrangement is the goal of a vignette. Designers … Read more

Mulch will help protect, preserve most plants

Fall mulching can be the last garden chore you want to tackle. It might be … Read more

Does dish soap control garden pests?

Q: Can I use dish soap to control garden pests? A: We know it works … Read more

Shipping container, sweet shipping container

Eco-friendly potential has made cargo-box homes more popular

Tim Steele stood outside a pair of orange shipping containers on a hillside about two … Read more

Fall is here. Time for garden cleanup

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Get that master bedroom feel — in any size room

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A side act with star appeal

Don’t overlook side tables in your home decor

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Sorry, local farmers: You can’t fix everything

The food movement has a problem: It's right about what's wrong with our system, but … Read more

Little Backyard Box holds a lot of flexibility (and big-time design)

SEATTLE — You’ve got your mailbox. Your Xbox. Your toolbox. Sandbox, jewelry box, moving box. … Read more

Fall is a good time to visit Portland Japanese Garden

New Cultural Village has arts learning center and more

PORTLAND — In a year when big changes have taken root at the highly acclaimed … Read more

Delaware botanic garden snags a horticultural legend

The Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf is known the world over for his ability to … Read more

Bulb season has arrived

Plant now for spring blooms

Gardeners have a reputation for being the ultimate optimists. As one season starts to fade, … Read more

Don’t let your home’s infrastructure crumble

It’s no secret that U.S. infrastructure is crumbling, but is your home’s infrastructure in good … Read more

A cleaning expert organizes her space in 20 minutes

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Slim pickings this summer?

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How do you repair a hole in vinyl siding?

A rock spits from your lawn mower, hurtling toward the side of your house. Someone … Read more

Armchairs to add style and color to any space

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Log houses aren’t the only relics here

PITTSBURGH — Hard by a 230-year-old log house, seven barred rock hens nibble on leaves … Read more

Here’s how to choose the right neighborhood for you

How will you know you’ve found the right home to purchase? It’s when you love … Read more

Don’t let a mulch volcano leave your garden in tatters

Autumn is knocking on the door, an optimal time for certain annual tasks in the … Read more

Are ponderosa pine needles bad for soil, plants?

Q: Do ponderosa pine needles make the soil more acidic? A: It’s one of the … Read more

How to dry late summer leaves, flowers

Drying the late summer leaves and flowers for winter use was a skill used by … Read more

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