Winter Gold paperbush can be a shrub for every season

Officially it is Oriental paperbush; others call it Chinese paperbush or just paperbush. While some … Read more

Horsetails have been around since before dinosaurs

Create the effect of having your guests think water is nearby

It was the most important wild plant for pioneers settling the West by wagon. The … Read more

9 quick ways to make your house feel cleaner

One of the main reasons we put off cleaning is because it feels like an … Read more

Home design trends to watch for in 2018

New Year’s has come and gone, and while you decided on your annual resolutions, the … Read more

It’s the teapot

The vessel for brewing tea has the biggest impact on the experience

Tea is so much more than the drink. Tea is an experience, visual, sensory, spiritual, … Read more

Decor trends for 2018? Think neutral

Metallics, repurposed materials and brass will likely be making many appearances next year

With a new year fast approaching, what’s in and what’s out? As 2017 rolls out … Read more

This cactus can still brighten up your home, even after Christmas

It seems as though every year since I graduated from Texas A&M I have been … Read more

Seed catalogs can help make our food healthier

Browse 2018 catalogs now to prepare for spring

“I believe that the positive power of seeds is the best way to accelerate our … Read more

Splurge or Save: Add some glimmers of glamour

Looking to add some glitz and glam to your home? Create an elegant, cozy and … Read more

Getting the job done at home

Thoughtful decor, setup can make working from home more pleasant

Working from home has become as ordinary as having a job in the first place. … Read more

OSU Master Gardener program offers lessons, camaraderie

I think most of us are looking wide-eyed at the calendar and wondering where the … Read more

Japanese gardens at Oregon hospital get spotlight

New book features gardens in Lebanon

LEBANON — The Japanese-style gardens on the Samaritan Health Services campuses in Lebanon have received … Read more

Bend-area nurseries, artists offer gift ideas

You can find everything from whimsical wood ornaments to useful gardening tools

We don’t know if it will rain, sleet or snow for the upcoming holidays. Is … Read more

Give your home a fresh look with pops of greenery

Think of centerpieces or greenery, and perhaps cut flowers come to mind. But these days, … Read more

Channel your inner designer: 13 zero-cost ways to make your home feel fresh

There comes a time in the life of every busy person when a decor refresh … Read more

Give your host or hostess a different gift this year

If bottles of wine and scented candles have been your go-to host or hostess present … Read more

Splurge or save: Set high expectations for your holiday table

Entertaining over the holidays? Putting together a festive dining room table is an easy way … Read more

Use whatever you love to boost your holiday decorating

Before you start putting everything away so you can decorate for the holidays, stop. Those … Read more

Dreaming of a white (or pink) poinsettia?

In the six weeks leading up to Christmas, one plant seems to come out of … Read more

Six easy entertaining upgrades

Disposable plates and red Solo cups are fine for frat parties and tailgates, but a … Read more

Make your mantel marvelous for the holidays with these tips

Next to your tree, your fireplace mantel is the most important part of your holiday … Read more

Splurge or Save: Set the bar, if not the budget, high

These days, it seems as though every home featured in a design blog or magazine … Read more

Here’s what your Christmas lights could do to your electricity bill

Starting around Black Friday every year, the light intensity in American suburbs increases by 30 … Read more

Beans, often overlooked, are ripe with history

I planted an unnamed variety of yellow wax bean in late July — about two … Read more

Personal oases: Self-care seeps into home design

Picture an escape. The first image that came to mind was probably a sandy beach, … Read more

Vegetables and herbs rooted in history

In this super technical world of gadgets that make daily chores easier, tell time (as … Read more

Choosing plants to create a show of fall colors

The pageantry of a fall finale forms one of the sweetest garden moments of the … Read more

Splurge or Save on home decor

’80s decorating makes a comeback

Pop culture from the 1980s is having a bit of a moment, and it's not … Read more

Make your kitchen a feng shui sanctuary

Get some tips from an expert

The term “feng shui” usually conjures up images of furniture arrangements, but you can apply … Read more

Know your guests will rest easy on these air mattresses

With the holidays on the horizon, it's time to get guest-ready. That means testing out … Read more

Don’t let the stress of the workplace kill your cubicle plant

Many of us work in open-plan offices where our allotted cubicles are small but our … Read more

Be kind to spiders; myths and legends dispelled

With all due respect to the popular nursery rhyme, I altered the words slightly. The … Read more

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