Crooked River Canyon

Crooked River road may become scenic bikeway

Pot-sniffing dogs may be out of work


Former pro QB Graziani coaches Bend kids


In jazz and golf, drummer shapes path

Thousands march in Moscow

Can captive bears help those in the wild?

As airlines recover, their food suppliers struggle

4th quarter 2014

Business index dips in Q4 2014

Editorial: COID canal should be piped

Editorial: Don’t force job candidates onto Facebook

The world has ended, but he’s not worried

Ann Patchett visits Bend

States revisit Obamacare as high court weighs subsidies

Restrict meningitis vaccines to outbreaks, panel urges

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Pulse Magazine Winter/Spring 2015

11:17 am | 02/16/15

Patient or data point? Despite their usefulness, electronic health records can complicate doctor-patient relationships.

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U Magazine

3:50 pm | 02/20/15

February 2015