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Buehler to feds: Hands off Oregon marijuana

Updated at 11:39 AM

Bend’s melting snow reveals potholes galore

BMC open to purchase, merger offers

Special Olympics

Special Olympics return to Mount Bachelor this weekend

College Lacrosse

Lacrosse team finds new home after school shuts doors


Group helps pets of the homeless

Feds signal changes on recreational marijuana


Lumber Liquidators opens in Bend

Bend-Redmond home prices amid fastest rising in the U.S.

Editorial: Let the public see public records

Not just singing to the choir

Hawaii expats stoke island vibe in Bend

Mt. Bachelor outing

Skiing and snowboarding on Cloudchaser

Smith Rock’s Misery Ridge a good midwinter hike

Parents’ guide to movies

TV spotlight“Trapped” Streaming on Seeso

‘Trapped’ is a chilly mystery

BMC open to purchase, merger offers

Short-term enrollment tripled since insurance mandate

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